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Handsfree for SE k790i/k810i

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ELECTRO is here!!
Hello friends!
Can u tell me more about the foll handsfrees for a k790i/k810i?
HPM-82 and HPM-90
Can I know their prices as well?
I had used HPM-70 on my 750i...but I had to face lots of problems with it...suddenly the connection would get lost and the music would play on the phone's speakers instead....(I am aware that the music will not be played on the phone speakers incase if I remove the handsfree directly while I am already listening to music on the k790/k810)

Will I face a problem of loose connection(between handsfree and phone) over here as well?

So, is the quality of music on the above mentioned handsfree any better?

I've also heard about Fontopia headphones(which can be connected to the 3.5mm jack of the above 2 handsfree)..are they worth buying?

Any other suggestions/combinations are welcome...


In the zone
Hi electrokawal,
I use HPM-82/Fontopia combo with my K810i. I bought the HPM-82 handsfree for Rs.1500/- from Sangeetha (in Forum Mall, Bangalore) on September 2007. I don't remember the Fontopia model (it came with a carrying case also). I bought it for Rs.600/- from Sony World some time in August 2007. The main reason I prefer Fontopia over the ones which came with HPM-82 is because, while travelling through a bumpy road, the in-ear type ear phone which came with HPM-82 comes off from my ears very frequently (I tried with all the 3 plugs which came with it). Also, I feel that Fontopia has better bass and treble compared to the HPM-82 ones. I have been using this combo for the past 5 months, regulary sleeps with them, still no problem.

One thing I would like to warn you is to check the handsfree thoroughly. When I inserted the new handsfree for the first time, my K810i didn't detect it. So, I immediately went to the shop and got it replaced with another new one. This one worked fine for the first 1/2 days. Then, during 50% of the time, the phone stopped detecting it. ie, when I insert it, not while listening to songs. I am sure this was not because of any loose contact, may be the weather was causing it. I also remember that this second one was not detected any time when I used along with the charger. Then I went to Sony Service Center and got a (3rd) new one after 3 weeks of waiting. This one has been working fine ever since.

By the way, which phone did you buy?

Edit: Came to know from the other thread (poll: K790 or K810) that you bought k790i. Good choice. :)
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