1. avichandana20000

    LAPTOP sound through handsfree

    my friend has a laptop of HP with MODEL HP PAVILLION G SERIES 1312TU. Normal Speaker sound is good. But when i am inserting the nokia phone handsfree of 3.5mm jack on its left side the sound is like through water. When i insert it halfway it is coming perfect but problem is that I NEED TO...
  2. reddead

    Must have android app:sanity

    Sanity makes your phone calls better, easier and healthy. Take care of your health during phone calls: Sanity is the innovative application for reducing electromagnetic waves! Sanity can automatically turn on handsfree when the phone isn't close to your ear (using proximity sensor)! In this...
  3. Arun the Gr8

    Need phone with TELUGU interface

    Guys, I need to buy a phone with TELUGU interface for my grandmother. So it'll be better if it's not a touch based phone and is compatible with a bluetooth handsfree. My range is upto a max of Rs. 5000. Thanks!
  4. K

    Need a Handsfree cum GPS receiver.

    I got home buying a new phone but it lacks GPS. I'm looking forward 2 buy a handsfree with an inbuilt GPS Chip. Is any available in the stores? If yes for how much can I get one.
  5. bajaj151

    Nokia handsfree for Voice Chat

    Is it possible to use handsfree for Voice chat over Yahoo ???
  6. sujoyp

    Need Bluetooth handsfree

    friends I need a blutooth handsfree for my SE T700....I donno what to look in it.. Also can we hear songs on it from mobile....does A2DP is exclusive on stereo blutooth handsfree.. Budget : less then 2k
  7. D


    Hi guys, I m selling d above given handsfree as it is totally unused as i m using HS-23 with my nokia n73 ME which gives a better sound output than hs 28. It is almost like a brand new one without a single scratch on it. It doesnt have ny warranty left as nokia accessories hav only 6 months...
  8. soyab0007

    N70 Me 4 Sale

  9. E

    Handsfree for SE k790i/k810i

    Hello friends! Can u tell me more about the foll handsfrees for a k790i/k810i? HPM-82 and HPM-90 Can I know their prices as well? I had used HPM-70 on my 750i...but I had to face lots of problems with it...suddenly the connection would get lost and the music would play on the phone's speakers...
  10. New

    Where can i get W810i handsfree?

    Hi friends. I bought one k750i yesterday for 7800 in bangalore.But i did't like it's handsfree.So, my question is can i connect W810i handsfree to this ? where can i get it and how much will it cost? Thanks in advance
  11. Ganeshkumar

    To Get Fm Radio Without Inserting Handsfree...

    Hi all :) :) Long back I had seen a thread started to KNOW IS THERE ANY POSSIBILTY TO GET FM RADIO WITHOUT INSERTING HANDSFREE..... And all replies r negative...:) But Today i got :idea: :idea: to know frm other forum that IT is possible in MOTO ROKR E6!! :) :) And sorry for Other...
  12. assasin

    N73 Me (rm-133) Fw V4.0727.2.2.1

    just updated my N73 to the latest fw version yesterday.:p V4.0727.2.2.1 does make the fone UI faster.cudnt test A2DP cuz i dont hav stereo BT handsfree. FOTA is there but when i tried to connect it said 'Server not responding'.this cud be due to the fact that Nokia hasnt released any FOTA...
  13. prankie

    Problem with bluetooth handsfree!!!

    I own a Nokia HS-11W bluetooth handsfree, pretty recently it has stopped pairing with any device including my phone!!! My phone detects the device but when i try to pair, it fails.... i have tried this on 3 phones, but the problem is same with evryone... it pairs with my computer pretty well...
  14. A

    is it possible to start radio in nokia 3230 without plugging the handsfree

    is it possible to start radio in nokia 3230 without plugging the handsfree?
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