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great post . i dont think u should flash to get moer region changes. even simple softs can do that.

what is RPC ?
i updated from a102 to a105 for my lg gsa4163b dvd riter . all a'ok.

i have a small prob with my lggcr8523 cdrom .

it reads data cd's fast and well , but vedio cd's it doesnt cross 12x speed ( data cd's upto 51.36x).
will flashing it help ? which one shud i flash it with ?


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and someone had asked how to detect the right firmware for dead drive , is say it doesnt take newton to see that.
Dudee , i'm certain that u can find out ur drive's model name etc.. , then download th e firmware and flash.

and well u r reeally a newbie if u donty know wwaht s flasshing and firmware.

firmware- small set of instruction (soft written of ur drive) that tells ur drive to do all activites and like bios for ur mobo it is bios for drive

flashing-updating or writing ur firmware.(common name for updating firmware and BIOS )

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i have a Sony DVD writer (model no. DWQ 120A) and iam facing problem while writing Video DVD, however it is writing data DVD properly, it was strange - then i tried to find firmware for the same but could not find it yet! i hope your guide will be useful. please help me in this regard.


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I have Sony DVD RW DW Q30A and I downloaded and .EXE file..from the sony site..

I don't know whether it is firmware or flash..?? What should I do to upgrade my DVD.

How can I know the current version of the firmware and how to back up the current copy ??



my dvd writer is sony dru 830a .i dwnloaded the firmware from sony's site and flashed it to new one.(cos dvd reading and writing was not working after an was nt detecting dvd's at all)problem still remains even after flashing!!should i flash any other company firmware?any suggestions in this regard??:confused:
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My 2 GB sandisk flash drive has been lying dead for months now. Whenever i connect it to my PC or laptop, It shows a message that the device is not recognized. I would like to ask and gain some knowledge before i head start and try. Is flashing the solution?
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