Gtx 760 running to hot ?


Hello friends I am having some problem with my GPU that is zotac Gtx 760 reference card.
So I have been playing batman arkam origins and saw in afterburner msi that my grp temp is 87 degree ,so I was
Surprised and got worried but don't know how to solve this issue.

My specs:

Inter corei5 2500k
Intel dh67bl
500w cooler master thunder
Iball rider cabinet

I want to make you clear that my graphic cars is running through molex connector because my psu was not having
2x6 pin connector and my cabinet in general I ball rider with average cooling fan in window ,so I want to what is the possible reason behind such hot temp thank you.


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Change the cabinet to something with better airflow.
And change your psu to corsair,antec or seasonic.


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at the moment i can afford only one either psu or cabinet tell me which one to buy?

try to increase the fan speed or run it at 100% during game play and see the results. also change the psu first. how much can you spend at max??
antec vp550p @3.5k and deepcool tesseract at 2.5k is what i recommend if you are really low on budget.
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