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  1. A

    Gtx 760 running to hot ?

    Hello friends I am having some problem with my GPU that is zotac Gtx 760 reference card. So I have been playing batman arkam origins and saw in afterburner msi that my grp temp is 87 degree ,so I was Surprised and got worried but don't know how to solve this issue. My specs: Inter...
  2. A

    help me guyzz with my iball rider gaming case

    guyz i bought iabll rider cabinet few days back but led lights are bright and i want to change that so how to open front led fan panel . help me plzz..
  3. Alok

    What movie you waiting for !!

    UPCOMING MOVIE DISCUSSIONS Post about Movies , you waiting for ..... i'm waiting for=> 1. GHOST RIDER 2 2. UNDERWORLD AWAKENING 3. REAL STEEL
  4. T

    Crazy Kart

    Hi, I know most of us are familiar with Mario Kart , and there have been some MMO Kart Racing games such as "Kart Rider" (now discontinued in english, but continues in Korean). I just stumbled on this game (rather late) called "Crazy Kart" hosted by Zapak CrazyKart - Worlds Craziest...
  5. H

    The new KNIGHT RIDER!!

    Here's the first trailer(TEASER) aired for new Knight Rider featuring new Shelbyfied Kitt with flashing red lights and voice of Will Arnet. http://jalopnik.com/337239/first-trailer-aired-for-new-knight-rider-features-new-shelby+fied-kitt-flashing-red-lights-and-will-arnet...
  6. P

    knight rider game!!!

    hey... do you like knight rider game!!!
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