Graphics Card Suggestion ?


What about 3D glasses??How will ya work without 'em??And 3D monitor??

Save up more so that you can get the entire assembly.Only a 3D card won't do it.
Surya Prasad

Surya Prasad

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I Have a 3D Monitor and i also have 3D Glasses I got them for free when i went to sweden so please i want a sugestion


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@Surya Prasad

Gts 450 can be had as low as 6.8k for the msi version. Have a look at gtx 460 around 9-10k range. They pack quite a punch.
Wait for the upcoming gtx560. Will cost less in uk than in india at time of release.


@ OP - I gotta agree with piyush & vicky.Just try increasing your budget by another 2k & you can get GTX460.

EDIT : Just checked theitwares & smc for GTX460.Buddy make that 3k just so you don't fall short.Or try haggling with one of the local retailers at your place.


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now: GTS450.
future (month's time hopefully): GTX460 (or 560) as price will comedown once GTX560 launch nears.


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@ Surya - what PSU you have ? Buy a gfx card which your psu can handle.

Also do post the model No. of your 3D monitor and a little bit about your rig config.
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