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Got my Galaxy S4 delivered today


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:p Received my White frost Galaxy S4 from Samsung e-store today. Posting few initial pics of the promotional accessory content that came along with the phone. I have got a regular flip cover worth Rs 1,799 and an S-view flip cover worth Rs 2,999 as a part of complimentary give away for first 400 online orders on first come first serve basis.

Also received a promotional gift card as discount of value worth Rs 550 from Samsung app store.

Strangely when I posted a query to Samsung customer care before I received the phone, as to how would I get this promotional material and how to claim it, they replied stating I would be notified if I was eligible and would be receiving free accessories as well, nevertheless follow up efforts saved.

Would be exploring S4 this week, so watch out for a detailed review on the phone coming up.

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Thanks Myth, posting more pics this week. Managed to get the phone on some time back, had to cut my SIM to a Micro SIM at home which took a while.


waiting for your in depth review coz m gonna buy SG SIV or HTC ONE ?
So m confused between these two Flagship...

Vignesh B

Congrats buddy! Am feeling jealous. :mrgreen:
More pics and a review please.

waiting for your in depth review coz m gonna buy SG SIV or HTC ONE ?
So m confused between these two Flagship...
If you are more for visual looks, build etc go with HTC One, if you love more brute force, performance, feature etc, go with the S4(Also add the SD card, removable battery advantage).
Either choice, you won't go wrong. Both work great in their own departments.


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Additional pics:

Phone dimension and S-View flip cover pics, Rear body thickness does not increase much due to the S-View flip cover and the cover feels to be of good quality material, I could clean it without any issues as it caught a tea stain smudge yesterday.

Rear Cover.jpg

Phone screen pics, a look at the widgets. Sidebar seems to be tweaked a little on interface.

Widget Screen Main.jpg
Widget Screen1.jpg
Widget Screen2.jpg
Widget Screen3.jpg

Additional pics from Samsung Hub, all the visual candy coating looks great but it eats up enough space on S4 memory, I don't understand why is Samsung trying to compete with established app stores like that of Google and Apple, it is seriously limited on content and quality.


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Congrats on your Purchase.

P.S : Samsung Seriously Suck Big Time, with their Phone Designs. I don't find much difference in terms of looks between S3 & S4. Crap Plastic Parts on the rear & overall the phone looks like a Chinese brand, rather than Korean.


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Does your Phone heat up, like to nearly 50*C when using it constantly for 1 hour . Cause mine does and I'm not sure if its because of the processing+graphics things or what?


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@bittutora I am not facing any over heating issues, played Iron Man 3 game for quiet some time, It did get warm but not overheating. Temp Range I have observed is between 32 -38 deg for battery until now

Thanks everyone, I have posted my write up on S4 under the review section


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@bittutora That's most likely because there's something wrong with your kernel. You can see, if there is some firmware update available, or in case your phone is rooted, just install a new kernel through CWM Recovery and give it a shot. Should solve your issues.

@bhautikjoshi Congrats man!
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