1. L

    Need a Good Car Audio System for Swift

    Hi everyone, i am looking for a good audio system for my Swift Car. Budget is 15K. thanks
  2. RCuber

    Swift Vxi Vs Figo Titanuim!!!

    My brother is upgrading his 2007 Alto, need advice on a sensible choice on Hatch backs. will be getting about 1.6L-1.7L for the Alto. A fully loaded Figo costs less than Swift Vxi (even DS). Figo is with ABS, Dual airbags, Alloy wheels etc. only concern is it has less power than Swift...
  3. R

    suggest which one to buy? new swift vs new swift dezire vs i20

    HI , Pls suggest which one to buy from the above three models Following things are important total budget - 6.5- 7 lacs mileage comfort value for money
  4. aal-ok

    Free running game problems

    Free running game is not running properly i am running it using swift shader is there any way to run it using 3d analyze as by using 3d analyze it crashes on loading but runs fast and textures are good please help these are the textures i am getting with swift shader
  5. rohan_mhtr

    Got my first car !

    My 7 year old two wheeler TVS victor GL was giving me a lot of headache and hence i decided it was time to get a new set of wheels . My office was in mumbai central from last 1.5 years and i always used the fastest mode of transpot to reach there i.e the mumbai locals . But last year in june...
  6. papul1993

    Confused between the new Honda Jazz and new Suzuki Swift.

    Hi, We have a 10 years old daewoo Matiz. It has run just 42000 kms.(no, i didn't miss a zero.) We want to buy a new car. My only two choice now is the ones I mentioned in the title. Should we buy a diesel swift? With rising petrol prices diesel seems to be the only sane choice. Also our monthly...
  7. Tenida

    Maruti Suzuki launches the all-new Swift

    Photos of new swift Source-Yahoo
  8. bssunilreddy

    What is the price and availability of Strontium SSD's(128GB) in India?

    Hi guys, I called the national distributors and as well as several regional distributors also but I cannot get any prices and they are saying its "out of stock".please help me.I am from Hyderabad.I need to buy the swift series SSD's of Strontium. Here's the link for the...
  9. ssk_the_gr8

    Swift broadband. Do they block torrents?

    I'm going to take a connection from swift broadband . Is it any good? I've heard they block torrents. Is it true?
  10. S

    wanted to buy swift car but dont no which one

    i wanted to buy one swift car which now a days most people drives but i dont no, is it maruti swift or swift . i have seen different swifts moving around , the one i wanted to buy iis which has got a nice shaped and nice side looks and good finishhing , can u plesea if u can show me the pic...
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