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Gmail VS Y!mail

Gmail or Y! mail which do u like more

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well now that y!mail has decided to give unlimited storage
and has revamped their interface wioth ajax which now looks a lot like ms outlook
which dou u like more
also remember u get y! msgr.


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Who liked Microsoft Outlook anyway? :D Gmail all the way, for its POP access, its labels, its mobile website, its nifty other features. Gmail FTW. Yahoo's just too bloated and small to read and be comfortable with.


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Gmail, for its simple interface. Somehow it fits just right
And with the very simple google talk, i like it better than YIM


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Yahoo! Mail is the Best, as far as I have experienced.But takes too much of time to load than GMail, as there are more features than GMail.


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As far as innovation and creativity is concerned its Gmail laughing all the way
Also POP3 synchronization makes me bend towards Gmail


gmail clearly ahead in the voting ...Gmail's everyone choice..
although the new ymail is also pretty gud and quick..
i m using both..


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I Feel
GMail is better than Yahoo Mail.
the interface is pretty simple and sleek in gmail....in ymail it looks a bit uncategorized ....


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Yahoo Mail, though I use outlook 2007 here.

The thing is GMail hardly has any catagorisation ability. All you can do is to label, I would have really liked if they had some "Folder creation" ability.

Besides, it is easier to work with Yahoo WebMail, feels like home (Outlook user here afterall)


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Gmail: For the Chat like mail handling that it has. Makes it really easy to follow work related emails.


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And the integration of Google Talk is just superb. :)

It's a shame I do not use the webmail interface.


gaurav_indian said:
Yahoo mails can be hacked easily.So Gmail is good.:D

Y! Mail can be hacked easily?!
Someone has hacked by Y! account, pl PM me & temme how to rehack it!! I've tried my level best to restore th account. :D

Btw, my vote goes for Gmail. One of the many reasons is the large loading time that Y! takes.
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