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Gentoo specs required!

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I've read so many official reviews and specs of gentoo. but thought of knowing from users... If anyone has some XP with it can u please tell me.. I'm thinking of installing it atleast till digit provides us Ubuntu 7.04.

Expecting some brief info from GNUrag and tech_ur_future


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Well the best way to start with gentoo is to read. I doubt if anurag has used gentoo but eddie is a long time gentoo user so we can provide you some info.
I have given a few resources reguarding gentoo in 'Distros Guide' sticky. Please do some reading before you go for gentoo.
But, since you're very new to linux, I'd say go for sabayon. It's gentoo + some added components like artwork, proprietory softwares, etc.


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Before installing Gentoo please ask yourself what you want out of your distro. If it is just ease of installation and ease of usage then stick with one of the main line user centric distros. OTOH if it is for learning purpose then I would recommend installing Slackware over Gentoo...because that distro will teach you more than any book you can get in market.

Only install Gentoo if you want to experience real control on your system...you want to know what goes in your system and why...you want to tweak every move of your system...or when you don't want any unnecessary stuff in your system. Gentoo demands lot of time, patience and concentration during initial setup but once it is done...it wants nothing from you. If you live in stable world then Gentoo will never break on you. It will work for years without giving you even a single downtime.
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