1. kg11sgbg

    Installing GENTOO Linux in HDD

    How to install gentoo linux 12.1 (x86_64) version in a separate partition in the Hard Disk of my system?
  2. P

    Any one running gentoo?

    hey guys just wondering if there was some one running GEntoo?
  3. V

    Anybody in Gentoo

    I had tried gentoo guide many times but cant get confident , i badly need gentoo get installed , may suggestions had been poured , like gentoo guide and gentoo forums , but my precise answer are still in dark .. Any one who can quickly show hot to install gentoo , i had stage3 and portage with...
  4. praka123

    New Linux Distribution — Exherbo, Announced(gentoo based)

    --via slashdot :) *
  5. praka123

    how many of you tried/using Gentoo GNU/Linux????

    yes?how many of us use? or tried? did u used the CLI/GTK installer for installation? anybody tried stage1/2 install? * Any body tried without installer like I did ?Just post your views guys! I have gentoo which is waiting for X and Gnome-2.22 to get...
  6. praka123

    SourceMage GNU/Linux anyone?

    I am trying many distros after so many years ;) :p first it is archlinux and am sticking either gentoo or sourcemag is the confusion reg a source based distro. for gentoo aspirants,get drobbins stage3's from * already used gentoo for quiet a long time,but back in...
  7. Renny

    Gentoo 2007 boot problem.

    Hi guys, just downloaded the live dvd iso of gentoo 2007 from the official site through a torrent, Config:- P3 700MHz, Intel 810 chipset, 20GB seagate IDE hdd, 15" samsung moniter, ps2 keyboard and mouse, Problem is when it comes to loading 'X'(after opengl) the screen goes completely blank...
  8. kalpik

    Build Ubuntu like Gentoo!

    I just found this: * This is very similar to "emerge" of gentoo.. Downloads source+dependancies, and compiles it and then installs it! Im trying it out right now..
  9. Third Eye

    Gentoo 2007.0 Released - First Gentoo release for 2007

    [COLOR=Black] You can download Gentoo Linux 2007.0 right now from Softpedia. You can download Gentoo Linux 2007.0 LiveCD right now from Softpedia.
  10. Gigacore

    Gentoo error

    I burnt a Gentoo 2006 Live and Installation CD and just booted to preview from live mode. the live boot takes place perfectly till System is booting screen. after 100% booting completes my monitor goes black with a small moving icon with Hz ? written on it. so now i couldn't start gentoo. i've...
  11. Gigacore

    Gentoo specs required!

    I've read so many official reviews and specs of gentoo. but thought of knowing from users... If anyone has some XP with it can u please tell me.. I'm thinking of installing it atleast till digit provides us Ubuntu 7.04. Expecting some brief info from GNUrag and tech_ur_future
  12. aku

    "Apple, we have a problem" - Gentoo MacOS X

    Almost exactly one year after the idea of porting Portage to MacOS X came up - and the joint Metapkg initiative between Fink, Darwinports and Gentoo took off - a 20-head-strong developer team around Pieter van den Abeele (strategic lead) and Daniel Ostrow (operational) is now ready to release an...
  13. G

    I want a linux OS

    Hello friends, I know that many topics related to this topic are present in this forum, but they didn't satisfy me. Therefore i am posting this message. I have only use knoopix live cd till today in the field of linux. I also tried to install redhat but i couldn't. I have a linux...
  14. JGuru

    Gentoo 2006.1 Released!!

    The Gentoo team has released Gentoo 2006.1, the second release of the year. Building on the strengths of the previous releases and featuring all the Gentoo's flexibility, performance & portability. The most popular architectues now use GCC 4.1 , glibc 2.4 and baselayout 1.12.1 as well as...
  15. K

    I want to install Gentoo ...... but I don't know anything abt linux, pls help me

    Hi Frnds I want to install Gentoo (i686) frm Digit DVD (Aug.) & Idon't know anything abt linux, how that can be instsall? Digit provided us a live CD of Gentoo can it work with my WinXP SP2 as a multiboot sys.? pls guide me. thanks
  16. Desmond

    Xorg problems with gentoo live

    Problem running Gentoo Live I recently burned the Gentoo Live CD from the image provided in the August 06 (this month) DVD, when I boot everything boots fine, but in the end after getting the message 'Starting x11...', I only get a screenful of vertical lines instead of the desktop and nothing...
  17. S

    query on gentoo

    Gentoo is the suitable distro 4 what kind of people?
  18. praka123

    Gentoo 2006.0 x86 livecd installed to hdd,now few doubts....

    Hello All, I installed gentoo for the second time(first was 2004.3) using Live cd after selecting only GRP packages to install using Gentoo gtk installer giving all CFLAGS,MAKEOPTS etc for my i am having gentoo with gnome problem is i need to install net-config and many...
  19. iinfi

    what to burn?

    i downloaded gentoo live CD form gentoo website. now there are 4 files in my HDD sud i burn all 4 files to the cd? sud i select burn image to disk?
  20. Satissh S

    Use nitro-sources for blazing fast computing... :P

    Statutory Warning : Nitro is exciting but if mis-used is very injurious to your systems health.. ;) Get more oomph out of that GNU\linux.. box of yours. Fed up with your oldn slow fc4-smp-kernel-2.16..? time for a shift don't you think?? ;) Get-In nitro sources.. a very high performance...
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