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Gearless Scooter Suggestion

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Hi All , I need to replace my old Kinetic Honda with a new one. but im not sure which new model to go for. Honda Activa or Kinetic Nova/Blaze or HH Pleasure or the new Kinetic SYM Flite.

Please share your thoughts :)


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Bajaj is gonna launch the 125cc DTS-i Blade sometime in 2008. It has twin-headlights and looks great. You might wanna wait for that to come.



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Thanks for the reply :) honda Activa is winning :D , but I will still look into other options before purchase , How is Bajaj Kristal DTSI? On paper Kristal has better features and more power than Activa.
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Grendel - I STRONGLY recommend to go for the kinetic flyte
it is the BEST scooter in market today

and has many many advantages over others

notably the ride quality, handling & suspension are excellent
plus front fueling, big storage, 9 ah battery, great service backup

all current technology, design & features in Flyte

activa is after all 8 year old model..


Activa is definately very good.
Descent looks, good power ok milage aswell very good resale value.

I think ther,s one more bike out dont know bajaj or suzuki??? Its ACESS or something. But seems too good. Havent test rided yet but seen it onroad couple of times....
Its too too good. What a power it has! Very good compared to Activa. Looks are also descent. You can find out more about it.... But seemed too good to me....


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If you want performance, then get Blaze. It has great pick-up as I've heard from my friends who have this.

Else get Honda Aviator, its a new launch and looks cool. Has the same engine of Activa. And please don't go for Dio, it doesn't have metallic body.....


It's true Im not confused
i haven't seen aviator but honda activa is good..my dad got an activa 2 months back and he is loving it..


The problem with Activa

1) Small tyres loose grip easily
2) Suspension in front is not enough deep, to absorb pothholes found on our roads. so it gets Uncomfortable to ride on such roads.
3) Female drivers find it little bit heavy & bulky
4) boring looks

Positive side:

1) Almost Zero downtimes
2) Nice zippy pickup & a reliable engine
3) Large backseat which is enough wide to fit typical Indian housewife's fat arse:p
4) lots of storage space


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Activa is gud,blaze is fuel sucker. Aviator looks crap and is dangerous due to frnt disc brakes on small tyres
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