1. P

    Honda I review

    Hi friends...can any one gives me review of Honda I...i am looking to buy new Scooty but confused between activa and Honda i..suggest me which is best and why...
  2. max_demon

    Need info on buying non geared scooter in nagpur

    Hello , i have been waiting for this since long time but now the wait is over i have finally convinced my parents to buy me a two wheeler , at first i wanted to buy a bike but due to licanceing and all issues i have narrowed down to non geared scooters . the budgut is upto 45k +/- few ks and i...
  3. desiibond

    aviator vs activa vs blaze vs ...

    Hey guys, Am ready to take a new scooterette next month. Till last month, i had sight on only two scooters. Activa and Blaze. Now there are lot of new bikes in this segment. Totally confused and am not at all good at motor selection. Please help me. What I need is superb smooth ride with...
  4. grendel

    Gearless Scooter Suggestion

    Hi All , I need to replace my old Kinetic Honda with a new one. but im not sure which new model to go for. Honda Activa or Kinetic Nova/Blaze or HH Pleasure or the new Kinetic SYM Flite. Please share your thoughts :)
  5. nix

    going doubles in two wheeler: will it reduce mileage?

    i have heard several versions on this one. i drop my friend back home. that guy is around 70 kilos when i myself am 57 kilos. we go in an activa. am not sure if this will cause a drop in mileage. if it does,then how much?
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