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Anything with small buttons is torture on mid range droids, try dark legends or plague inc on xperia j... although game installs, some controls are impossible to tap


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Best part of Android Phones/Tablets is you can connect PS3 controller with Sixaxis app wirelessly. It is awesome.!


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My bad (I left Ios for a year Now at that time Ios Was costlier one). If this the case then I think Ios Wins for pure gamming experience with Game center and all.


IOS has more games. Lot of good games are not released on Android bec of rampant piracy. However it is pain to play on ios with that small screen especially when you need to press those god damn tiny buttons.


+1 to android used iPhone 4,4s ipad 1,2,3,4th gen

And lodAs more on android side.

Paired my nexus 7 with a tablet stand ,high tech game controller or a gaming mouse and keyboard ,usb hub,2600mah power bank,
Seems enough for me to call my portable gaming RIG,power bank doubles the 8 hour batter even on overclocking the tab!

Used a custom android launcher such as golauncher for tab with multi wallpapers app and all 9 home screens!with different logos ,wallpapers widgets etc each to action,adventure and all sort of games!

That makes up my custom android gaming rig! for simple language you can buy a nvidia terga shield too

I have a ipad and closest i can imagine is to break it using a war-hammer(seriously i did that once)

For instance

Nvidia terga shield
Nvidia terga note
Nexus 7
Nexus 7 2013
Xperia play

And even home consoles like

And game controllers like
Moga hero
Moga pro
Moga charge series
Samsung recent game controller

How many of these are on ios and can even match the quality and quantity of android?

You can buy half of the above devices at the price of you crown iPhone 5 or whatever



Ios has some seriously dope games like Infinity Edge and couple of others... Sure Android is great for the things you said but IOS is great as well


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man I have read this in a lot of places that iPads are better than android tablets

if there is one device that really thrashes iPads its the nexus 10. the "free"dom makes a lot of difference on tablets, and honestly you cannot expect anyone, let alone everyone to consume as much paid audiovisual content (movies, tv shows and songs) on iPads as you can do for "free" on the nexus 10... since most of the really good iPad services for such content are anyway not available in India, droid tablets have an easy advantage. but not for games.

iOS is still on top, and the biggest reason is that it is kind of dumb for android users to actually expect the paid part of their ecosystem to grow (exclusives, exclusives for a few weeks or months, bans to those who use crackers, price drops to free), when everything can be had for free anyway. This is not me saying, I would hesitate to say that all droid users as a group dont actually buy anything from google play store, but this is something that users themselves unabashedly post, and the default expectation from devs is to get revenue through ads. from the day the android store came, have been waiting and waiting for it to become as active, dynamic as iOS (price drops to free, new games every wednesday, seasonal promotions instead of about one-two a year, ad-free being the norm instead of ad-supported). Only major promotions on droids are humble bundles and google sales. this happens every hour, on the hour in iOS. kind if stupid to even want that to change when the expectation from the play store is why bother because everything is anyway "free".


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Ios has some seriously dope games like Infinity Edge and couple of others... Sure Android is great for the things you said but IOS is great as well
Infinity Blade?

so what, if iOS has Infinity Blade, android has the 148kb pass n play multiplayer chain reaction. droids have many sub 500kb games, the smallest games on iOS are like 20mb. most of this is apple drm bloat. :p


iOS > Android for gaming

More games
Better games
Same games with less bugs
No lag

No lag on my lg optimus g either, plus side loading of apps is easily possible (can't download those large apps on phone due to slow 2g speed).
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