1. Anorion

    magic droids

    often, incredible features of models are hidden away in all the myriad features, and devices get passed over in favor of others in a hivestorm of comments for example, Xperia Active was never considered a great model, but I loved it beyond anything and was shocked by a consensus that said...
  2. Anorion

    Gaming Android Vs iOS

    Android first Betas : on the iOS, the game first gets released in the Canadian app store, for a week, where it is tested before it is released anywhere else. On droids, distribution is not segmented, and the developer can release beta versions whenever they want, and even release daily...
  3. V

    Motorola's Droid winner in the making!!

    As you read this posting, Motorola's latest Droid' the ' Iphone kiler' in the making is grapped by tech savy users across USA in the verizon's network.. So what is all the fuzz.. The Droid's snappy browser loads images quickly thanks to the powerful 550MHz processor and speedy...
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