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Fresh View -organize & view multimedia files

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Fresh View gives you the ability to organize and view multimedia files (images, audio, video). Watch movies, listen to music, and view graphics in a slide show. Image files in a folder can be displayed using a number of views, including a thumbnail view that lets you quickly see what your images are without having to open them.

You can convert graphics from one type to another, print, and even create an HTML album. This easy-to-use software supports 86 different formats (more and more added regularly).

Source: FreshDevices.com
Download Link: Fresh View 6.90 enter your name & e-mail to get free Activation Code.


And other free software that require free registration available from their site include freshdownload (download manager software) and fresh ui (windows appearance tweaking tool)

EDIT: I have used all four about a year or two ago and found them all reasonably useful tools in their fields... But, I dont use a download manager, or windows tweaker or image viewer or system diagnostic tool these days, so I rarely use it now...

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