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how much bandwidth will i need if i want to create a forum with lots of visitor like this forum


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yes, as abhi said 10 gig will be sufficient for a new forum to stay cool.

If your forum grows to this magnitude, you should better opt for dedicated hosting with few 100s of gigs to stay cool!

and also, vBulletin is known for sucking bandwidth. Just like joomla. Both this CMS are cool, so they suck the bandwidth.

Stay cool :)


Seed is the Life!!
ok....... thanks

1 more question,
if we use the
, which bandwidth (imageshack or the host) will be used by this image?

thanks again

Abhishek Dwivedi
Bandwidth will only be used when the file with is downloaded or loaded(opend on a browser)is hosted on ur own server (webhost)

@shift: If u are interested in trying out how all this works, u can use my webhosting account for 2 or 3 month...for free...i have 5 gigs space n 100gigs bandwidth...just PM me... :)


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Question: How easy is it to setup one of these forums? Not the vBulletin one (that costs dough right?), but one of those free things. The forum would have like max 5 users and very few sections. Hoga?


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As easy as pie (i.e., if you know how to make one). You can install one from Fantastico in cPanel of your web hosting account.

Who would use a forum for 5 users... :/
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