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  1. A

    What browser finger-print consists of?

    I am developing a video streaming website. I searched on internet about how to uniquely identify unique user on web. I came across this thread -> What is Browser Fingerprint? - Wrangle This thread tells about how browser fingerprint can be used to identify unique user on web. But it tells only...
  2. Sridhar_Rao

    visitor redirection using javascript cookies

    I am trying to implement visitor redirection depending on the browser screen size using javascript. Whenever a visitor accesses the desktop version using a mobile device, the javascript detects the screen size. Visitor is prompted to select between desktop version and mobile version. Visitor's...
  3. Zangetsu

    Self Messaging in Forum..a bug or not a bug?

    Hi Guys, :Wave: :chinscratch: Couldn't decide whether its a Bug or not a bug. otherwise I wud have posted in TDF bug reporting thread... Do you know that u can PM (Private Message) & also Visitor Message to yourself same as u can email to yourself... this is also applicable to SMS to same...
  4. ico

    Profile visitor messaging disabled - Use Private Messages for the while

    I've disabled the Visitor Messaging feature until the CTC-III is on because visitor messages are public and some people were posting answers. Use private messages for the while. Another interesting thing to note is, most people didn't use this feature correctly. When someone posts a visitor...
  5. shift


    how much bandwidth will i need if i want to create a forum with lots of visitor like this forum thanks
  6. A

    Disabling USB in visitor account

    Hello. I have this following query. My PC has two accounts: One is mine and another is VISITOR (minimal access). Now the problem is one of my family member uses the visitor account to use USB. But this is causing me lot of trouble. I am compelled to allow him to use my PC. But I do not want...
  7. Abhishek Dwivedi

    IP address and Visitor counter for website

    hi i just finished ma website: www.theabhishek.co.nr but the contact me page is still left cause am not getting ne gud script for this page...i even need a visitor and IP address counter for ma website....plz can ne one tell me where can i download them and how can i install den on ma website...
  8. R

    php code needed

    can someone tell me the php code to know the last page of the visitor, i.e. from where the visitor came?? and writes every info about the visitor in a text file!!?? Can anyone help me? Thanx.
  9. R


    Is it possible to have a domain like www.rajrules.net for free ? If yes...How and where ? I have heard of redirection !!! WELL... How can I redirect a visitor to a site like raj.where.com if he types www.rajrules.net ?
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