1. E

    software to membership management ??

    hi, mastros my friend has started a new gym , and he wants a software that can manage membership payment due dates profiles and so on. do you know any thing like that can help out ?
  2. sriharsha_madineni

    Has digit subscription improved??

    Hi all. I've been reading digit since 2003 and was a subscriber for a year but discontinued due to late delivery Of issues. I've still got that 128MB flash drive that I got free for my subscription :). Another reason for me not renewing my subscription was that there were no good offers,but...
  3. abhijit_reddevil

    Calculate no. of leap years between 2 dates in MS Excel

    Hi, How can I calculate the no. of leap years between 2 dates, say 11-May-1980 and 12-Dec-2007, using MS Excel? Which functions and/or formulas should I use? Thanks.
  4. T

    help in calculating the no. of days between the two dates

    hi i want the javascript code for to find out the no. of dates between the two dates.for example in the form the first input is 12-jun-2008 the second input is 14-feb-2009 so the output will be difference between the two.(in month and days)
  5. speedyguy

    K-MAT notification

    can some1 plz inform me if kmat 2009 forms are already out or not... or wat r the probable dates... july 1st week is wat i know. thank u, Enjoy~!
  6. astroutkarsh

    Dates for Lok Sabha polls announced

    Hah.. After lot much fight between CEC and govt, Dates are declared for LS Poll. Its in 5 phases. Source: *
  7. U

    Forms release dates

    Hi everyone! please will u enlist all post HSC exam form release dates here. Some I know that PMT,AFMC,JEE forms are released.
  8. Shayon

    How to specify date format in visual basic 6?

    Well, I've been trying to compare dates using the CDate() function. For example, I wish to compare 5th of June, 2007 and 2nd of July, 2008. Now, everytime I try comparing these dates as : MsgBox CDate("05/06/2007") >= CDate("02/07/2007") The answer I get is True because it treats them as...
  9. A

    Days in office

    i work in ms office 2000, amd i wanted to know that how can i change the format of my dates so that it appears along with the day. for eg when i would enter 10/19/2006 (October 19, 2006) in a cell in excel, it should display Thursday, 19 October, 2006 or something like that, i am only concerned...
  10. M

    tally problem

    i m using tally 6.3, the problem is i can not select date after 2 march 2005, please tell me what dates should i keep in coloumn of books starts from and financial year starts from.
  11. L

    problem with system date in FC4

    hi guys, I use FC4 and while installing, i forgot to set the date.... by mistake, it has been set to 2007!!! and i hav been working on it for arnd a week... after that i noticed the date problem and reverted back to the original date. now that, this is done, when i try to install some...
  12. N

    phpbb Dates Problem

    Is there any way in Phpbb apart from manually editing dates in phpMyAdmin to change reg date of user and date of start of forum. In what format the date is entered? How can we decode a date like 1128189353?
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