Flipkart launches Ebooks


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Well free stuff are always good for me. :p

Damn I don't have any android device. I guess now I have a reason to buy a tablet after all. :)


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^^ Because #Failpple has a patent for it
That has nothing to do here. Few PDF Readers on Android already have that page curl effect so hopefully Flipkart does it soon as well.

Love the number and variety of free ebooks they already have :-D
Also they will be getting it built in dictionary soon so that will be very handy.


Well, some of us definitely do..... Just to show our appreciation for the author......... :p
Like I was compelled to buy Fruit Ninja - my first Google Play purchase. :cool:

People will, when it is easy and cheap to buy them


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I also saw that yesterday. I wanna say goodbye to Amazon Kindle but there quite less titles on flipkart in eBook store and they are priced quite high so I guess we have to wait for them to slash the prices.
I per-ordered Cold Days on amazon for $9.18 and on flipkart it is $15.40 as of today.
But I am happy that I won't have to pay to Americans now, go flipkart.


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I don't like it. Book reading restricted to the android app. -1

Almost equally priced to the amazon Kindle Store.

Flipkart, do an amazon. Introduce an e-book reader.

As for the free titles, meh.
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