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Firefox Hijacks my IE !

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Help !

I have Firefox 1.5 and I was using it for quite a long time...

Now when I wanted to see how my site looks in IE, I went to IE and on typing the URL and pressing enter, it opened Firefox for the site !

Noteven the URL shortcuts are opening in IE, it just redirects that link into a new Firefox window !

I uninstalled Firefox thinking the problem might go away but now if I enter any site's addess and press enter IE says "Application Not Found" :?

How to get rid of this funny hijack !

Edit - IE is default and now it opens Opera ! I removed Opera too and now it again says "Application Not Found"

Please Help ! :cry:


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Plz tell your version of IE and OS.

If you are using WinXP and IE6, then disable any addons of the IE which can be found under tools->Manage Add-ons.

Even there might be possibility of spyware or virus. Do check for them.

Hope this might work out. :)


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Thanks Baroon and Sakumar79 for your replies !

I went to that group site and followed a few instructions.. Now from Y ! messenger if I click a site link, it opens 2 windows if IE in which one opens the site...

If I type any link it just crashes :(

Now whats the issue :evil:
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