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    : (​DUMB MOVIE MOMENTS): OK. If there are movies with "Epic/Awesome" moments, there should be movies with "Dumb/illogical moments" too. The moment can be anything - Illogical/Plain-dumb/Ridiculous/Idiotic. Share those moments along with the movie name here and [SPOILER] it, if it's about an...
  2. Flash

    Awesome MOVIE Moments Thread

    Epic/Awesome MOVIE Moments Thread ❤​EPIC/AWESOME MOVIE MOMENTS❤​ There were lot of movies with AWESOME moments irrespective of the language, that makes the movie memorable and special. Whenever you hear the movie name/see the movie poster, that sudden moment will come to your mind. The moment...
  3. vickybat

    Top 10 Holy **** Gaming Moments of 2011

    Another interesting info. These are those moments which had us bite our nails, or literally freaked us out. I thought these truly deserved a mention here. The below link also has videos to fully enjoy those moments. Source
  4. gameranand

    Your most Emotional and Memorable moments of Game. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    You know guys I recently played and completed ME2 DLC Liar of the Shadow Broker. And the last conversation between Liara and Sheperd if sheperd had a realtionship with Liara in ME1 was really touchy. It was quite emotional and most romantic moments in a game I have played. Please Share yours...
  5. A

    goodbye mail

    OK... so am changing my company(job) and i need a good bye bye letter for my co workers.. need suggestions pls.. i found this on the net.. how do you think it is ? ---- Greetings, fellow and soon-to-be former co-workers. Today I have crafted this fine nugget of prose to bid a fond farewell as...
  6. Kiran.dks

    My Marriage Invitation!

    Hi Everyone, This thread is one of unique kind here. I have never seen such invitations. This forum is like a family for me and most members too. It has given me unlimited amount of knowledge in technology side. Due to busy schedule, I am not active in this forum these days. Hope that I will...
  7. blademast3r

    Finished quake 4!!!

    Hi guys jus finished quake 4 single playa...It roxxxxx...highly recommended for all gamers..btw the ending moments hinted a sequel or and expansion pack...cant wait for it!!!
  8. amrit1

    image viewer of win xp

    when i click on an image nothing hapens i cant view my precious moments please help :( :( :( :(
  9. V

    Funniest moments in games

    Hi folks, List all the funniest moments u have encountered in the games. Mine will be of Half Life 2, where people ask us several times that "Dr. Freeman, is that really you?" :lol: Also, in some GTA series, when u hit the pedestrians, then u will hear a funny noise and couldn't stop laughing...
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