1. B

    Tally's Data folder not opening

    Hi Friends, I have to complete a project. It requires me to analyze some data from Tally. I have Tally 9.0. When I select the destination folder, Tally doesn't show the companies. The timeframe that I have to complete the project is very little. Kindly help...
  2. Faun

    Brands Tally Thread

    Let's get started with the brands and their tally. If you have a graphics card by Asus and a Motherboard from Asus too then list down Asus - 2. Let's keep it to PC configs and only brand name. No need to mention product model etc. Mention only in-use brands and for your PC. Listing down mine...
  3. V

    Need a laptop in rs 25000

    hi Plz Help me my Dad needs a laptop for his work under 25000rs 1) What is your budget? Ans:As Cheap as possible under RS 25000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with...

    Laptop [ 30 to 30k ]

    Hello friends i want to purchase Laptop please suggest me good 1. My budget is 30 to 35k I want it for simple use like for Tally, Small games etc.
  5. M

    Tally 4.5

    Dear All, Im running Tally 4.5 on DOS on a system with DOS and winxp in dual boot. Off late my Tally 4.5 has started give some error. It runs fine, in one of the accounts when I change the Financial yr, it asks for the books to be carried forward, i say yes then it exits tally and comes back...
  6. M

    link-local IPv6 Address

    Dear All, I have loaded Windows 2008 Standard server and installed Tally.ERP9. In tally Admin it showing link-local IPv6 Address but not IPv4 and we tried to connect in client systems tally is not running. how to remove or disable link-local IPv6 Address. Can any one reply me Thanks &...
  7. S

    Tally 9 - odd trouble !

    Have been using MULTI Currency with Tally. At the end of the month, the CLOSING AMOUNT doesnt match with the secondary currency (if converted with prevailing exchange rate). (when i press f12 and click on show forex only) I know its complicated question, please help me out !!:-)
  8. S

    Tally 9 - Exchange rate issue !

    Am using TALLY 9 with MULTI Currency. and kept usd $ currency as my second currency ! -> After doing transactions in $ and inputting exchange rate as per the day... at the end of year am not getting EXACT amount in the First currency (main curency) compared to $ usd. For example. I have...
  9. R

    Tally 7.2

    I am using Tally 7.2 and after splitting the company as on 01-04-2010, bank , creditors and debters accounts are not transferred. ie closing amount in 2009-2010 are totally different in openeing balance in 2010-2011. May I request for a solution for this . Thanks for giving me time .
  10. V

    Accounting software with latest features and lowest costing

    Hey guys! I ve been using this new accounting s/w which is way handier than tally. It is called Express Accounts and is created by Proinfocus - a software and internet solution company. Here are some Key features of express accounts. It provides you with: -Business Snapshot right on your...
  11. D

    Tally 9 Exsisting inbetween

    hi eveybody i had installed Tally 9 S/w i mean copy pasted folder from my friends pc its works ok but inbetween it gives following error "Exsisiting Tally Internal Error Contact Peutronics: Out of Name Space()" So Again i have to restart and do the work and the same error keeps up...
  12. paroh

    Tally 5.4 Password Recovery

    Is there is any way to recover the user and password from Tally 5.4 As i read this process but can u please explain the process in full detail 1. First type requires UserName & Password, it can be recovered, by making a dummy company, then using with password protected company.
  13. M

    Tally data converter

    Hey guys, i need tally data converter from version 5.4 to 7.2.... pls help!
  14. TheHumanBot

    Not Able to Login into XP

    I am running Windows XP SP2 2002 Edition ... Problem is Now on Startup Xp asking for password... i havent set any password :shock: i have only 1 User Account & thats Administrator i try to bootup into safemode but still asking for password. i also tried to repair it with xp bootable cd also...
  15. B

    I Have Doubt In Tally

    Hi, I Work In Stmarys Earth Movers( There Have Jcb , Js80,). Really I Want No--how Can I Use In Tally, When I Check Balance Sheet ,---customer Name, Time , Rate , Total, Advance ,balance By Biju
  16. D

    What Is Tally Developer

    Hi. What is Tally Developer where can i get infomation abt it is there any site from where i can learn the same regards
  17. raksrules

    Tally 7.2 does not work in Vista. Why ???

    I have a laptop with Windows Vista as the OS. I am not able to run Tally 7.2 on it. Not even after changing the compatibility mode to Windows XP/98. Please suggest me some solution as this is very important for me.
  18. P

    Problem related with Tally 54 !! Please Help....

    hello frnds, i have Tally 54 installed on my pc... ,maintaining 4 companies on it .... for each company it creates folders 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004 on loc c:/tally54/data/0001... but frm last 2 days my tally is not opening it gives me error for file c:/tally/data/00001/Tr01291.500 & my tally...
  19. jatt

    data backup from busy to tally

    friends i want to convert all my data from my busy software to tally 7.2 i don't know about it please help me here and also write about how can i import all data from tally 5.4 to tally 7.2 please write here its very urgent for me.thanks in advance.
  20. V

    Tally 4.5 tutorial

    Does anyone here have access to Tally 4.5 user-manual?...i require the database structure and export/import formats and procedures section of the user-manual....i had the manual but i think i have lost it...:( Please its very very urgent....any PDF scan available on net? or anyone has physical...
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