Finally I'm in IT... Any suggestions ?

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try to get a pc and internet conn. asap in ur apartment and don't forget this forum
congrates. all the best for furthure journey. have a great future. don't be bother about food and accomodation. I think being an IT company they should provide food and accomodatiom.

Do you hate him so much or you're unaware? Having a GF in TN is like committing suicide. :p Remember, there should be enough space for a bus to pass between a male and a female, let it be humans or dogs :D Then what fun is having a GF when you sit in one corner of the room and she in other :eek:
Is going to south similar to going back in time? :-o


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If you were a girl, you would be accomodated in their own hostel. For you, they will make you stay in a hotel(probably in East Fort) and deduct 3000 from your first salary for the hotel fare.
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