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  1. lovedonator

    FIFA 14 Next Gen not coming to PC

    EA has confirmed that the next gen FIFA 14 powered by the new ignite engine will only be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.:shock: This comes as a very shocking and disappointing news for all the FIFA fans who play the game on PC as the changes made by the ignite engine are looking quite...
  2. Garbage

    Finally I'm in IT... Any suggestions ?

    Hi all... After completing my B.Sc.(Computer Science) with Distinction from University of Pune, finally I'm joining TCS on 17 October 2008. :) I've been waiting for this since a year. They selected us on 13 August 2007. Just yesterday, I got an email about joining dates. I've to attain a...
  3. girish.g

    torch flashlight

    The Torch flashlight: why illuminate when you can incinerate? \ Sure, there's always the pukelight for good times around the house, but sometimes you've just got to do some damage -- which is where The Torch from Wicked Lasers comes in. The 4100-lumen flashlight is being considered for the...
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