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Fallout 3 Not Coming to India

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Fallout 3 is not coming to India, Microsoft India announced. The highly-anticipated action-RPG was originally going to release in the country on October 28 on the Xbox 360, but was pulled because of "cultural sensitivities."

According to Gamingindians.com, Microsoft sent out an official statement that read, "Microsoft constantly endeavors to bring the best games to Indian consumers in sync with their international release. However, in light of cultural sensitivities in India, we have made the business decision to not bring Fallout 3 into the country."

Gamingindians reports that game cancellations in India usually occur when there is a lack of distribution or when games retail at high prices. According to the site, the "cultural sensitivities" reason is a first. The site also points out that controversial and violent games like Postal and GTA were previously allowed in the country.

IGN has contacted Bethesda for more clarification on the matter, but we were simply given a no comment reply.



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when has a game made ANY Media violence in india???, bare hitman, even that was released and went smoothly...
stupid peoples.
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