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Facebook Gets Information Downloads, Apps Dashboards and Reloaded Groups


Today, Facebook held a press event where they detailed several new features the company will be rolling into their popular social networking site.

Here's a list of the three announcements:

Download Your Information
In a feature called Download Your Information, Facebook will gather all the things that you've ever posted on Facebook and all your correspondences with friends: Wall posts, Messages, Photos, Videos,Status Updates, Comments and Profile Information and provide them to you in a single download via a .zip archive. This feature will be rolled out today.

Apps Dashboard
Facebook has launched a new Apps dashboard that integrates all the apps you've used. Using the dashboard, you can see which applications are using your data, the permissions you've given those apps, and the most recent times that your information has been accessed.
The dashboard is essentially an all-in-one privacy manager, for your to monitor and adjust settings depending on what third-parties are accessing it.

Relaunched Groups
Facebook is re-launching groups that will allow you to better organize groups of friends and control what information is shared with those groups. The groups function will play a much more prominent roll in the Facebook experience and allow users to better manage shared content and smaller circles of friends.
A group can be anything: family, sports buddies, work, etc. It works like a mailing list, and you can share content within the group. Adding members works a lot like photo tagging. It enables group chats, communications via email, and introduces document collaboration.

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