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Explorer.exe crashes due to .ico files

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Commander in Chief
Whenever I open a folder containing .ico files (Icon files) the explorer crashes and gives a error which has the ModName as gdiplus.dll...

This wasnt the case before... :(
It happened afte I installed Nero

Is there a way to cure this except removing Nero ?

Any reasons to why it crashes ? :evil: :?

Choto Cheeta

hmm well try one thing...

To turn the graphics hardware acceleration off in Windows XP, click Start and select Control Panel. From within the Control Panel, select Appearance And Themes, then click Display, and choose the Settings tab. Click Advanced and then select Troubleshoot.

now there Disable all DirectDraw...

now see whether error continus or not..

post back... :D

Choto Cheeta

dont know much about explorer.exe... but do know that some time back i got this error with excle.exe... & end up here...


as u would see according to them some time while using too many graphics-intensive application at the same time, puts lots of presure on the DX acceleretor... decrising the acceleration some how helps the certain program to run smoothlly... as some on board cards might not be designed to handle the presure... :roll: :roll:
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