1. G

    mobile LCD replacement in bangalore

    I am having coolpad note 3 and LG g2 with broken LCD, Can any one please where should I replace the LCD panel. I am looking for economical solution. where should I go sp road or raja market or some where else. please suggest
  2. U

    LCD monitor flickering when Printer is switched on

    I have an 22 inch BenQ LCD monitor, Model VW2245 and a Ricoh SP210 SU -USB Laser printer (900 watts). I have been observing a strange behaviour with my monitor. Whenever I switch on the printer the screen flickers on the monitor or the display switches off and on. The distance between the...
  3. Ronnie11

    2.1 speakers for LCD TV.Budget around 4000

    Hi Guys, I have a 42 inch lg lcd tv. I am looking for a good set of speakers preferably 2.1 with an RMS output of 50 watts or more. My budget is 4000. How many options do i have in the market?
  4. B

    My Dual Monitor setup not working :(

    Since this morning, I tired of this setup. I have 2 AOC monitor without HD, one is LED and other is LCD. Graphic card is HD6300. Now while i am trying to connect my LCD monitor to my graphic card DVI-D port through DVI-D To VGA Adapter, it is not working, not showing anything, monitor keep...
  5. nikufellow

    Help with HP laptop screen problem

    So i switch the notebook ON one fine morning and get these vertical lines that are omnipresent (even in BIOS screen) Is this is a hardware defect ?One of my friends told me to disassemble and check cables connecting the lcd but i haven't tried it yet for the lack of tools required. Mine is a...
  6. Ronnie11

    2.1 speakers for Samsung LCD TV

    Hey guys, So i am asking this on behalf of a friend. He owns a 32 inch Samsung lcd tv. Originally he was looking at getting a 5.1 speakers for his television but realised there are no ports for it. It supports only 2.1. So Could you guys recommend a good 2.1 speaker setup for a budget of 10000.
  7. V

    32 inch LG LCD problem....

    Hello Friends, I have a 5 year old 32LD550 LCD TV from LG. I have not used it much (approx 10 hours per week). 2-3 days back the screen started flickering and now the TV does not start. There is no picture/light on the screen nor on the bottom indicating that the TV is on. Just a blue light is...
  8. A

    samsung UA 32F 5100 disaster

    my samsung UA 32F 510 full hd has lost video -the samsung mechanic told me i have to replace the lcd panel as also a smwp switch total cost Rs 18 k approx with a warantee of only abt 3 months on both the parts- i forgot to renew the warantee hence this bill.the tv cost me 36 k abt a year...
  9. T

    Discussion: Journey of my Dell Vostro 1400 (Shipment Date: June 26th,2008)

    Hi, I want to share experience of my troublesome Dell Vostro 1400 Notebook purchased on the date above. The model has specs: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 14" 1200*800 LCD display. Purchased for Rs. 39,900 at Dell's online store, the notebook has...
  10. S

    24inch Monitor/TV

    Need a 24 inch Monitor or TV for my bedroom 1. Budget : 15000INR 2. Display type and size : 24 inch prefer 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor : web browsing on PC, watching Movies on PC, watching TV Series on PC, Playing FIFA on PC and watching football matches on TV 4. Ports...
  11. P

    Bluish tint on HP laptop screen?? :O

    Hello guys, I own the HP PAVILION 15-E009TU notebook. It is just 10 months old. I had some grey lines in the LCD screen few days ago and called hp for warranty replacement. a technician came and replaced the LCD screen with a new one. However the new screen has a sort of Blue tint the...
  12. powerhoney

    27 inch Full HD monitor for around Rs. 20000!!!

    I need a 27 inch or greater Full HD monitor for my hostel room... :-) The budget will be around Rs. 20000... The source will be by laptop, Lenovo Ideapad Y500 which has an HDMI port and a VGA port... My usage will be primarily Movies and Gaming... No photoshop or any other such tasks will...
  13. J

    Laptop screen/gpu issue.

    Okay so I am having an issue with the 15r special edition(specs are in my signature). A thin horizontal line is flashing at the bottom of my screen every 1-2 seconds. Its about 1 mm in height. Now I realize its the top half of the window I am in. I can see the outline of the...
  14. pritish_kul2

    Computer-> TV Output Wired/Wirelessly

    Hello guys, I have a HP T730i lying waste with a damaged HP mx704 monitor. So was thinking is it possible to output the screen to my Samsung 32" LCD TV? What are the various options available? Wired can be done using which lead? And is wireless output possible?? Help would be...
  15. R2K

    Will the LCD screen crack get worse

    My LCD screen of desktop PC got a small crack after it got hit by a falling table fan near it. The crack is small kinda like a dot made with a sketch pen or small marker. Willl the crack get worse and damage the monitor if we continue to use it ?
  16. P

    connection to LCD

    guys i have confusion like. if i need to connect my CPU to my LCD TV(which have HDMI port). my cpu have graphic card with HDMI port and motherboard without HDMI port. which component is required to connect to LCD TV . Motherboard HDMI or graphics card HDMI port. i am with dealer , please help...
  17. hskpunjabi

    how to remove leftover glue of screen-guard from laptop lcd

    Hello friends, I have a 2 year old Sony laptop.Could anybody tell me how to remove leftover glue of screen-guard from laptop lcd. I tried Colin but it didn't work.How is Luxor cleaning kit ? Any suggestions please
  18. kasshav

    Need help in buying a new Monitor/LCD for web designing work

    Hello Guys! I am in a serious problem. I have been indulged in some Web Designing work lately and one of my client sent me a PSD. On keen observations, I found that the PSD had some textures in the background which were not visible on my current AOC LCD. Please suggest a good monitor which...
  19. I

    Upgrade broken laptop lcd

    I own a dell inspiron N5110,yesterday its screen dented,,(i5 2450m)(gt525m) well i want to upgrade it from normal 1366*768 to 1980*1080 full led,anti-glare with a wide viewing angle can i do so?bcoz i think power usage vary! what negative impact would it have on hardware? i prefer sony but...
  20. T

    New LED TV || Budget 50-60k

    I am looking forward to buy a LED TV this week and my budget is 50-60k. I'd prefer Sony above others but need your suggestions. The appropriate size would be 46" or above. Wi-Fi feature is also required. And please share your experience of the product, if any.
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