EP-630 Lost. Looking for Sensible Upgrade. Help!


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Hi all,

I recently bought an EP 630 (the second time in 3 years) after my former piece gave up on me. I loved it for it's bass and well, it's isolation. However, yesterday, I lost them in transit to work from home.

Now, having bought it twice, I am not pretty much interested in buying the same model a third time. I am hoping that there are a few other models out there within 3k that would still suit my music habits?

Here is a small list of the type of songs that I enjoy listening to:

Band/Artist - Fav Songs
Michael Jackson - All Songs
Aerosmith - Dream On
Keane - Try Again/Most of the songs
Eminem - Rap God/Most popular ones
Linkin Park - Every Friggin Song
AwolNation - Sail
Pink Floyd - All from the Wall
Lily Allen - Vocal Songs such as Somewhere only We know (keane)
Fort Minor - Remember the Name
Evanescence - Bring Me to Life
Flo Rida - Low
Timberlake - What Goes Around. . .
Timbaland - The Way I Are
ShruthiBox Shankar Tucker - Caught in the rain
Swiss Music Kids - One in a Million
Avicii - Best of the best
Marroon 5 - Many
Madcon - Beggin
The Corrs - Toss the Feathers/Breathless

Apart from these, I love Instrumentals - Pianos, Violins, etc, such as:
Lindsay Stirling
The Piano Guys
Jesper Kyd's Assassin's Creed Soundtrack

WHAT I NEED: A set of earphones below 3k.
Features I look for: Reasonable Noise cancellation, Good Bass, reasonable Clarity, Something that would make an EP-630 Lover leave the ep 630 alone. For Ever.

So After looking around, I found three pieces that Interested me: Signature Acoustics C12 Elements with Leather Case, SoundMagic e30, and Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Ear Canal Phones. . . . . ..

Any Advice?


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Try AstroTec AM-90, I got it recently for ~3K inc tax/shipping , its available hifinage.




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I have an unused EP630. I bought it 6 months back, but used for a maximum of one hour only till date. I didn't like its SQ. If you want I can give it to you at half the price I bought it.


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I have seen many suggest hifinage here but I wonder if any of them have ever bought anything from them. is that site trusted like Proaudiohome or mp4nation?


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Since I am not comfortable with other brands, I would be highly obliged if you all could guide me with choosing the best one among the two models I have shortlisted:

SoundMagic e30
Signature Acoustics C-12

In terms of clarity, bass and isolation, which one between these is the best? Lets keep Pricing out of the picture.


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They are altogether different sounding IEMs E30 being neutral & bit cooler in midrange while C12's are bass heavy, they have warmer & richer midrange but feel bit veiled/blanketed due to bass boost.

check review & decide for yourself

IMO Hifinage is trusted though I 've not bought anything from them but my next IEM purchase is from them for sure either Tpeos Popular or VSD1S.


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Ok, since I wasn't able to decide on which one to go for, I decided to up the budget to 6k. I also decided to request a friend to bring the product back to me from the US, which is where he is right now. That opens me up to a lot of good products from Shure and Klipsch maybe.

Are there any models that fit my bill in particular?

I was initially looking at the Klipsch s4A, but now I am more or less drooling over the Shure SE215-CL earphones.

Any advice?

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Srsly? No response? :'(


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I have seen on American Forums, and most of them have given amazing feedback. However, I trust Indian reviews much more than them :D


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I finally got my paws on the Shure SE215 CL. Will review them soon :)

Thank you for all the help guys!

Admin, Please close this thread, if there are no questions about this product anymore

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Here is my review if the Shure se215



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Powerhoney, I had them brought in from the US, where they are available for 99USD. Thats a bit cheaper than the deal in India, which will set you back by around 8.4k
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