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  1. Sagar Shaikh

    Signature Acoustics Robin Bluetooth Adapter Review

    Mod Edit: Kindly take note that the person who reviewed it works for the store that owns (and sends review units to others) the brand. There is no dearth of Bluetooth adapters in the country. However, Robin, which was just recently launched by Signature Acoustics (SA) claims to be the best...
  2. anirbandd

    Signature Acoustics Elements Be-09 Review

    The Elements Be-09 [pronounced ‘benign’] is the second instalment in the Signature Acoustics Elements series. The critically acclaimed C-12 was the first IEM for the Elements series as well as Signature Acoustics. With the Elements Be-09, Signature Acoustics has ventured into IEMs with mics...
  3. siddharthx64

    EP-630 Lost. Looking for Sensible Upgrade. Help!

    Hi all, I recently bought an EP 630 (the second time in 3 years) after my former piece gave up on me. I loved it for it's bass and well, it's isolation. However, yesterday, I lost them in transit to work from home. Now, having bought it twice, I am not pretty much interested in buying the...
  4. 5fusion

    SIGNATURE ACOUSTICS C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs review/impressions

    Introduction Really fortunate to be the first early bird to own Signature Acoustics IEM. An in-house production of Pristine Note(Proaudiohome) based in Navi Mumbai,India. Its great to see an Indian brand entering High-End audio. Its always a pleasure to meet Mr Gautam, the owner of the firm...
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