1. anirbandd


    Early in January 2015, I was contacted by the TDF representative of SignatureAcoustics. I was told that they had another product, the O-16 that they were putting up for independent and unbiased first impressions/reviews. Since reviewing (and subsequently buying) the C-12 IEMs, I was always...
  2. siddharthx64

    EP-630 Lost. Looking for Sensible Upgrade. Help!

    Hi all, I recently bought an EP 630 (the second time in 3 years) after my former piece gave up on me. I loved it for it's bass and well, it's isolation. However, yesterday, I lost them in transit to work from home. Now, having bought it twice, I am not pretty much interested in buying the...
  3. S

    Signature Acoustics C12 - Brielfy compared with TF10/RE262/M3

    Impressions of C12 from my end ... Packaging :- Packing is really good , as good as any IEM offered in the sub 4k category . The case offered looks really beautiful , but i always feel it would be more helpful in protecting me from stopping a bullet hit at me rather than carrying IEM's. The...
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