1. siddharthx64

    EP-630 Lost. Looking for Sensible Upgrade. Help!

    Hi all, I recently bought an EP 630 (the second time in 3 years) after my former piece gave up on me. I loved it for it's bass and well, it's isolation. However, yesterday, I lost them in transit to work from home. Now, having bought it twice, I am not pretty much interested in buying the...
  2. S

    SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon EM1 vs Creative EP-630

    Hey friends, I recently bought a Moto G.I am not that into listening music even then the stock earphones with the phones are not good enough.I only need the headphones while commuting between home and college.I need your expert advice to choose between these 3 : SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon...
  3. RohanM

    Creative EP-630 or Sennheiser CX 180 In-ear-canalphone

    Hello Guys, Please help me choose between these. Sennheiser CX 180 Creative EP-630 Creative EP-660 Earphone SoundMAGIC PL11 Headphone Also if u have any other suggestion do tell.. My budget is around 1k. I am a Bass head.... !! Thanks in Advance.
  4. R

    Best In-Ear under1.5k (in store prices i.e not online shopping prices )

    Guyz ! i was using Creative Ep-630 with my Creative Zen player and used it with many other phones and my laptop too .. and was quite happy but now one of the ear piece sounds low as compare to other one .. i have been using these in-ear from past 2 years .. now i definitely want another one...
  5. Gauravs90

    Need bassy IEM in rs 1.5k

    Hi guys I'm bass lover and currently own pl- 21 which does not have much bass. Previously I owned EP- 630 which was bassy. Now I need an IEM for 1.5k. It should have more bass or equal to pl-11 or ep-630. Thanks
  6. S

    need earphones in cochin for Rs 500

    need a balanced earphone/ear bud for Rs 500. actually i need two one for my laptop and the other for a Philips mp3 player. would be buying it from cochin. can u suggest some place where i can get the same. the ones available are 1. sennheiser mx 170 for Rs 490 2. crreative ep-50 for Rs 470 3...
  7. I

    Sony MDR-EX35LP VS Creative EP-630 VS Soundmagic PL-30

    Hi guys, Ive decided to cut short my budget to 1k for IEM from 3k, so it all comes down to these: 1. Sony MDR-EX35LP 2. Creative EP-630 3. Soundmagic PL-30 I like deep bass, what would you prefer?
  8. ~It_is_Andrew~

    Two EP 630 broken, looking for a new ear phone , please help

    Hello Everyone!! Well as the heading says, I had two creative ep-630 (came with my dell) , both of them have gone kaput with the same problem with a gap of few months. The joining/wire near the 3.5 in male jack has loosened or something. So sound is coming only on one ear. If I adjust or...
  9. S

    In-Earphones needed. Budget 2k.

    My EP-630 decided to give up on me. So i need a new pair of in-earphones asap. I have no problem going in for ep-630 again but i m thinking if there are other options available too.
  10. stonecaper

    EarPhones for My 5130 XM

    Hi Guys Just wanna hav ur suggestions for a pair of EarPhones for My 5130 XM [Oh Yeah its the among The best in business Check this out) I Dont Like Bass-Heavy phones.Normal Crisp Sound Through the spectrum should do the deal Pretty Broke after A trip :( so Budget only 1K .CANNOT EXTEND...
  11. B

    EP-630 or EP-830?

    Hello..I am looking to buy a good pair of IEM's and came across the ep-630 and ep-830, two variants from Creative.I would like to know which one is better,in terms of sound quality(bass,mids,highs,soundstage).I read a lot of reviews,half of which said the ep-630's were better than the 830's and...
  12. gxsaurav

    Help in buying earphone

    I am in the market to buy an earphone for my Nokia N79. I have budget set at Rs 1.5k. Keep in mind that I will wind the wire cos the wire of earphone + Nokia Handsfree wire will be tooo long. Later on, I will buy the Jabra BT3030 so with that bluetooth handsfree, I can use these earphone & cord...
  13. Gigacore

    Creative EP-630 in Bangalore??

    Hi guys! I wanna buy Creative EP-630 here in bangalore. But I'm unable to find it anywhere else! I searched in Forum Mall, Total Mall in Madiwala, Temptation M, Planet M, Music Planet & Global Access. If you guys know somewhere else where I get Creative EP-630, please do suggest me. And...
  14. GameAddict

    Recommend-GSM/CDMA Handset 5k-7k

    Hi, I plan to purchase a new mobile connection and will have to get a new handset for this. Basically looking for (in descending order)- Good Battery Life MP3 capable (for Audiobooks mostly)-1GB-2GB capacity(should accept my EP-630) Scratch-proof/resistant screen Budget is...
  15. D

    i need earphones..

    i had a pair of creative ep-630 earphones..but somehow misplaced them..now i want to buy another pair within rs1000/- & i cannot stretch my budget even by a paise..should i buy the ep-630 again or is there any other pair that i should look at? sound quality must be as good as(if not better) the...
  16. D


    can anybody tell me where can i find creative ep-630 earphone in cochin? IN what rate? any official creative store in cochin??
  17. saurabh kakkar

    creative ep-630 owners plz help

    hi i have recently lost my creative ep-630 ear bud(medium size) Can any one suggest me what to do :??? where can i buy the ear bud ??? if it is not possible to buy Can any one of u send me ur ep-630 ear bud (medium size) in case u r not using it i will be very thankfull to u ...
  18. raksrules

    Where to buy Creative EP-630 at reasonable price in Pune ?

    Where can one buy original creative EP-630 at a reasonable price in Pune ? Big malls like Central and Pyramid are selling it for Rs. 1280 (MRP) but i know we can get for around 750 to 850 price band. Plz help in this regard.
  19. praka123

    Creative EP-630/35 and EP-830 earphones - Differences?

    Hi , I am thinking of buying one for my N73ME. when I inquired the distributor here for EP-630 ,that fellow is asking Rs1025/-. :x What I read in many forums is this earphones are selling for as low as Rs650/- now a days. where can I procure one reliably for cheap? and I want to know the...
  20. syedshaz77


    3 Month Old (but Unused) Creative Ep-630 For Sale!!! Price:400
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