1. B

    DSk supinfocom College in India

    Hey there, I want to apply for the college of DSK supinfocom in Pune, India, so I would like to know what are the requirements/quality of work and talent needed to get accepted in DSK. If anyone could give me any guidance of any kind that would be greatly appreciated. Also what are the Job...
  2. ritvij

    What to do after 12th?

    i am currently studying in 12th (ISC in UP) with PCM and computer as the subjects. i want to develop a career in the it industry. shall i go for BCA or B Tech? My chemistry is damn weak. I had a thing for game development but there are virtually no good game programming schools in india. DSK...
  3. G

    College or Institute for Game Art and Design after 12th?

    I am in class 12 right now and I want to go into the field of Game Art and Design, but i have one doubt :- whether should i join any Govt. college and complete B.F.A. degree or join any Institute and do foundation course there like in DSK Supinfogame( i have heard more about Dsk Supinfocom...
  4. A

    DSK Supinfogame or not???

    I want to focus mainly on music but as my parents want me to pursue a more "stable" career, I have decided to do a good course in computers(creative). So, kindly suggest any course which doesn't take much time to complete(2yrs or so) and also lets me continue my passion. I was considering DSK...
  5. The Sorcerer

    DSK Supcom Event coverage: GameKshetra 2011

    I am currently covering DSK Infocom/Asus ROG's tournament that's happening in DSK campus, Pune. For those who are near here, its happening till Sunday and most probably today saturday all night long- DOTA, CS, COD4, some stuff from Alienware, Razer and Asus. Check it out. Peace Hardware...
  6. constantine

    Does anyone study in DSK international institute of design (pune)?

    Please help me out here i need to find someone who studies in DSK ! i need some clearance on how good the institute is !
  7. M

    old chk dsk files

    dear friends, when tried to disk clean drive C, i have noticed "old chk dsk files taking about 131224K space. what is it? Is it an essential file if not how to get rid the same.
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