Dragon Ball movie release date announced

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Now those fools have made clear that its DB(Dragonball) not DBZ :mad: and now that they announced the movie releasing date .

Hot on the heels of yesterday's casting news, we've also learnt that the forthcoming live-action Dragon Ball movie will be released next summer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twentieth Century Fox have announced that the production will hit screens world wide on August 15, 2008.

Stephen Chow, who directed the frenetic action-comedies Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, is set to produce, while Final Destination helmer James Wong will direct and has also re-written the original script by Ben Ramsey.

Source:IGN UK


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ArZuNeOs said:
Oh ya Dragon Ball & Goku right on our independence day

Yay!!! :D Finally! Something to look forward to in August - not only do i leave home for college in the first week, but it also rains the entire month there, so no sports!



It doesn't matter!
Hey .. Gr8 news was on gamespot too. Guys if u like dragon ball do join da group here in digit social groups.

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Thanks I am Dragon Ball Z fan...
You can know that by this:-

Krazzy Warrior is my name.
I had PMed mods to change my name from KoolKid to Krazzy Warrior




Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
phus ...... 1 more beekaar japo thing on the way .......

i really HATE these japo toons ....
Why post if you hate em?Spamming?

August 15!!Man!how will they create the kamehameha and all such things?Heros hovering and fighting,intense battles.WooooT!



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Now, wat to do? How much time will they take to do this?Does ne1 know?
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