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:?: hi there! i use Dr.DivX to convert my DVDs to DivX format. the problem is that i'm not able to encode any file in the 2-pass mode, it gves an error message. another Qn, what are the optimal settings to get the best compromise between quality and size of the encoded file? i tried increasing the overall output bitrate, but the file size becomes undesirably big... and is DivX Create a substitute for Dr.DivX?


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Not sure about your first two questions. And regarding Dr.DivX, its now a open source project in Beta stage. DivX has a DivX create bundle as a replacement though its not as flexible as Dr.DivX


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use VCDGear to pad and correct error in media file b4 rendering it to dr.divx it might help & pass 2 error might not occur. u can't set any framework to decide best compromise between size and qualilty it depends more on original size of media file. and i recommend not to use any additional prog. while running dr.divx as it will increase cpu burden and sometime results in operation failure due to cpu bottleneck.
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