1. mayoorite

    Tablet under Rs 10000/-

    hi guys i am collecting money for my first tablet pc and could afford tablet under Rs 10000/-.So suggest me some which are reliable for long term use like nokia phones.It should have 3g,should able to open .docx,.pptx,.pdf formats.I am class xi student and need for general purpose.But it should...
  2. Skud

    Get DivX Pro 8 for Free!!!

    Go to this link:- Newegg.com - Thanks for buying a DivX device Click Download Now and save the file. While installing, it will ask your email address. Provide it and you will get your full version of DivX Pro 8. No serial number is needed. And you can update to future versions. Enjoy. :)...
  3. A

    htc wildfire or acer liquid mini or lg optimus one?

    m confused b/w these 3 mobiles.which 1 to buy? htc likes- awesome camera and sleek design, supports flash in browser. more than dat its HTC man. dislikes- poor resolution 240*320 and its android 2.1 lg o1 likes- supports divX format, hvga resolution, andr 2.2,supports divX dislikes- poor...
  4. kartikkapo

    Portable DVDRom to play divx on TV

    Guys i am in the process of buying a portable dvdrom for my latop, and was just wondering if there exists a dvdrom which can be doubled up as a dvd player to play dvd's, vcd's and divx files on TV. Any thoughts over that? Do let me know if there is any such thing. :D
  5. rhitwick

    DIVX file playing query

    If you have only KMPlayer installed in your PC, do you still need to install K-Lite mega codec pack for supporting various DIVX files?
  6. confused

    Suggest Flash/Mp4 to Divx converter program.....

    hi guys, as you may know there a channel called NPTEL HRD on youtube, which has videos of lectures related to engineering stream by IIT/IISc professors. but the problem is all these videos are either in Flash or Mp4 format. I have a Cowon A2 (which is divx certified), and it doesnt play these...
  7. Cool Buddy

    Subtitles on DivX DVD

    I want to add multilingual subtitles on DivX DVD, to be played on my LG DVD player, so that I can switch between them. Is it possible to that? How can I add hindi subtitles? will it support unicode?
  8. S

    free Divx converter

    Please suggest me a free Divx converter which will be able to convert vcd file (*.dat) and dvd file (*.vob) to divx file(*.avi) file. and if possible with easy configure and quick convert file.
  9. S

    DivX Releases H.264 Based DivX 7 Software

  10. ironfreak

    best method to convert mkv into TV playable format

    I've dozens of .mkv motion pictures i.e those HD ripped.... Which is best among this is the best format to play on TV- MP4 (i think recognized by X360 right?) AVI (DivX or anything else) Which of the above will best maintain the quality of the native ? And which software programs to use ...
  11. wraj

    cramming many VCD's into One DVD (no DivX)

    Hello everybody, I googled it but couldnt locate any newbie approach tutorials to fit many VCDs into one single DVD (4.7 GB)...I know that I can do it with the DivX conversion,but i wanna play it on my lill old standalone DVD player...I also tried many converters but the file size would really...
  12. K

    divx encoders

    which is the best software to rip dvd to divx in the 700 mb format
  13. naveen_reloaded

    Ars gives PS3 9/10 after Re-Reviewing!!

    The revolution will not be televised, it will be downloaded an update at a time Back in the crazy days before the current generation of gaming consoles, the console you bought at retail was the console you had for the life of the hardware. My SNES acts exactly the same now as it...
  14. aminsagar123

    DivX Subtitles

    Hi Friends, Please tell me about some good websites where i can easily find subtitles for DivX movies. Thanks. :D
  15. aminsagar123

    DVD Player. With DIVX XVID Support.

    Hi Friends, My cousin in hostel, wanna buy a DVD Player. 1. It should play both NTSC+PAL formats. 2. It should have DivX and Xvid Support. 3. CD-RW , DVD-RW Support. Please suggest decent inexpensive player. Thanks in advance.:)
  16. thetillian

    Divx to Mpeg

    Hai friend i had a lot of divx videos that i had downloaded and now i want to burn them to dvds to view in my dvd player, as my dvd player doesnot support divx i had to convert them to mpeg so that i can burn them to dvd, and i use adobe encoredvd to make my dvd movies with menus so i wanted to...
  17. mad1231moody

    How to burn Divx ?

    Friends I have got 700mb divx files. I want to burn them o that I can play it on a DVD player(divx). Please tell me the procedure ;)
  18. go4saket

    Playback problem of MPEG4 file format...

    Hello friends! I have a DVD player that supports MPEG4 and I have been watching a lot of MPEG4 contents in it, both downloaded stuff as well as home shot videos. Recently I marked that some of MPEG4 contents fail to play in the player. I brought a DVD yesterday and converted it into XVID using...
  19. Faun

    DivX to shut down Stage6

    Stage6 shutting down Sad, where will i find HQ content :(, youtube sucks in quality This is the email I got
  20. New

    Divx converter problem!

    I have installed Divx converter and when I drag any .DAT extension files to converter it shows "unsuported files". Please help
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