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Ever since John Oliver made fun of Donald Trump on Last Week Tonight, the word Drumpf has taken off. So what do the guys at MIT do? They used an AI program to input all of Trump's speeches, and try and output Trump-like statements. They then tweet those statements. Check them out now before Trump wins and everything (including this thread) gets deleted under the threat of nuclear war.

Source: MIT

Twitter: @deepdrumpf

My Favourite Tweet:


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Ya, saw that episode last Monday (it airs in US Sunday 11PM HBO)

Following his show since last April.

Watching John Oliver speaking on HBO can get a you a sense of "freedom of speech" and its implementation in real time.

Try his interview with Snowden for the same show.


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What's not funny is that he actually won 1 or 2 states despite being a complete lunatic.

PS: He kinda reminds me of Rahul Gandhi.


Apparently, RaGa and Softy aren't the only one to dream about becoming a Prez or PM!


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I'll just leave this here(yes I know this is one old thread):

US ELection Results: Donald Trump elected President of the United States in a massive upse


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Donald Trump is bada wala Kejriwal ....just talk talk ...God!! the USA is really scared right now of Middle east and jobs ..and he got benifit.


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Yaah we have no choice..US have already selected him. lets see what he does. In any case US senate can Veto his decision if going too over the head ..for example nuking Syria or banning muslims entering USA.

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We can already see the difference in his words in his speech after winning the elections. He said many things before but he will have to think differently now as he is going to be the new boss of America.


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We can write a lot of blopps of this human, he keeps giving us headaches. or at least gives them to me. to such a level that i need to search for hgh in order to get meds.
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Ivanaka Trump is coming to Hyderabad and around 3500 armed forces men have been deployed to protect her. The icing on the cake is this-



None of my business and no offence to anyone but this guy is better than Killary.


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Then read this though it's in the past :

Justin Bieber’s bizarre list of ‘demands’ for India tour goes viral

If there's so much arrangements just for a singer leave alone someone so important.
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