Dogs or Cats

Whixh pet do you prefer most?

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Vishal Gupta

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Dogs hv their minds. Dogs are the most faithful, most cute and most intelligent animal IMO.
I had a dog. He was 7 years old. He used to understand each and everything I told him. Each and everytime I came to home even after returning from market, he used to meet me as he was meeting me after lots of years.
We never considered him as a pet, he was like a family member. He used to play with us. He was so intelligent that never did anything wrong with any child in the home.

And last year in November we lost him forever. :(


Dogs are very irritating if they are not your pets. Always barking and wanting to bite passerbies, Barking most of the time disturbing the neighbours and threatening kids in the neighbourhood. But if its your pet, then dog is more friendly and behaves like a pet is supposed to. On the other hand cats are selfish. But you can use a cat for some stuff like getting mice, cockroach and lizards killed. They are the best cockroach eliminators. Another thing about cats is that they are independant. You can go away for 1 month on a tour and still find the cat alive. It goes on hunts at night. Also the cats have more dignity and dont crap everywhere if they can help it. They go to some playground or some muddy place and dig and **** and cover up. Leave behind a **** mine to be stepped on. Thats better than have dog **** around the house. Of course due to variety of breeds one can get a dog which is very well behaved.

Why is there no option for no pets.
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Wise Old Owl
Dogs and Horses are the most faithful animals in this world. They play with their masters, guard their houses, etc.

Cats are selfish. Bring a stray cat and give it some milk. It will stay with you forever. My friend brought one cat and after sometime he had 1+5=6 cats! The original cat's children!

Duh. Cats will stay only if you give them milk else they run away. Dogs don't do like this. They stay with us.

I wanted a dog always but my parents don't allow me to have one. :(


I Love Dog, because i've a pet dog and my dad calls me a second dog :D

My mom says, Pets, Kids.... whats the difference? :D


Sup' dude, Sup'
I love Dogs coz they are cuter than cats and atleast they guard the house. What do cats do apart from drinking milk in kitchen?


I read this somewhere:
Dogs think that the humans are superior to them(remember odie), Pigs think that humans are like them, and cats think that the humans are inferior(remember garfield:D)

I like dogs but cats have their class too:D.
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