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mohit sharma

hi guys ,
can anyone here suggest me a good software for splitting . avi format divx files movies ??
i tried ulta avi converter software , but it just takes tha task and then keeps waiting !!! what can be the problem ??


da' Ťurntable ruleth
I used Virtual Dub Mod last time i needed to split avi's
to do this
1)start virtual dub mod, open the file
2)under video tab select "Direct Stream Copy" (otherwise the .avi would be reencoded and would obviously take time)
3)now go to File menu>>>Save as ,in the dialog box that appears tick the radio button for "Segment output file"
now near this option mention the size of each file you want (usually half of the whole file)

Thats it hope this help :)
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Wise Old Owl
Yup .. thats the best way according to me ... takes hardly a few second even with the slower Athlons .. and if u have , say , a 3.6 GHz P4 .. u'll barely notice ...


Wise Old Owl
You can use Virtual Dub Mod or Blaze Media Pro. Virtual Dub is a freeware, the other
one is shareware. Choose one according to your preference.
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