Digital camera quick reference buying guide



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^ It was good to consider when you were thinking about L310 but not now.


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guys...... i bagged a canon sx150 at last.......
a super cool cam from first impression...
big thanks to all for the support.....


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Popular cameras among digitians

Suddenly this idea came up today about posting popular cameras among digitians (based on owning the cameras). This may be of little help in buying or seeing how the trend goes among digitians. Thought of starting a new thread and let the members to poll. Then I dropped that idea as there are not many of us are active here.

Data are collected since I joined this forum. There are about 100 cameras in total.

Popular Brand: CANON

Popular DSLR Brand: NIKON
Popular DSLR Camera: NIKON D5100
Popular Mirrorless Camera: OLYMPUS E-PM1

Popular Compact Camera Brand: CANON
Popular Bridge Camera: PANASONIC FZ150
Popular Compact Camera: CANON SX130 IS
Popular Travel Zoom Camera: CANON SX220 HS & SONY HX9V


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Really nice guide. I might be needing a basic camera soon for taking normal photos soon. Will get one of the recommended ones. Either the Fuji Film for 9.7k or Canon A1200.

thanks for this thread!


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The link of the spec of the sony camera: DSC-H100 : H Series : Digital Still Camera : Sony India

comparing with Canon SX150IS... what will be your opinion ?


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You can start a new thread, it'll be better.

Yeah, there isn't enough information. You can't find any reviews from popular photography sites...


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Looking a P&S for a junior, a first timer in this arena. Budget 15k. (dot)

Have shorted out: SX240HS (manual control) , HX10V.

Priorities: Easy to operate, good image & color reproduction & good looking. Manual controls are not required, however welcome if available. (I must tell you that he doesn't even know what manual controls are).


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HX10v gives good results directly out of camera. SX240 has a neutral approach towards image processing. You will need to play with some settings in P mode to get best results. However Canon's controls and menus are very easy.

TZ25 is also good. Great image quality. Would rate it above HX10v in noise performance. And very good looks


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My friend is deviated towards Sony, but ready to look other options also.

I forgot to say one thing, cam must not have AA/AAA batteries, Li-ion has to be there.

SX240 HS is best in low light. No competition

thanks. :)

After reading the reviews, I hope it will be either HX10V or SX240HS. Any further inputs are welcome.
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