1. nac

    Digital camera quick reference buying guide

    DIGITAL CAMERA QUICK REFERENCE BUYING GUIDE Point and shoot camera market have been dying for years now and manufacturer shifted their focus to advanced compacts. It's hard to see sub 10k point and shoot to do significantly better than your smartphone. Almost all sub 10k houses CCD...
  2. theserpent

    Does Burj Khalifa Tilt?

    Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest buliding. My friend was saying that burj khalifa keeps tilting. Is it true? I dont belive him
  3. H

    Nokemote and ShutUp

    got Nokemote Beta 1 and ShutUp Beta 1 at last.was waiting for these apps for a long time.installed them in my N95 8GB and now it has become a whole new device.songs can be changed by tilting or 'shaking' (as advertised in W910 ad) the mobile.u can even play/pause or stop the song by tilting...
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