Digit or Chip

Which one do you prefer

  • Chip

    Votes: 49 19.2%
  • Digit

    Votes: 111 43.5%
  • Both

    Votes: 66 25.9%
  • None

    Votes: 29 11.4%

  • Total voters
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I feel CHIP is gud for its content in the mag and Digit rocks for s/w in the cd and DVD



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chip contents are good... digit content are better,,, digit cd/dvd are best but chip cd/dvd sucks.........


In the zone
Dunno abt it all
Have NOT Read my STACKED up
DIGIT-from JUNE onwards
FASTTRACK from 6 months atleast
& even have NOT seen the DIGITCD-DVD from JUNE & onwards

Though everything is stacked up including other mags as well,really dont know,when i can get/have the time 2 read all that & clear the tech-backlogs

Nways,almost on the NET 24x7x30x52 & so almost all my other life is getting KILLED! :(


Have read Chip only sparingly. Still ask my newspaper-vendor for Digit, first, at the turn of the month.

Anyway, the FastTrack edition of Digit continues to steal the show. A very ingenious addition.


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chip magazine is more hardware oriented also they hav a good presentation, digit lacks all this, i say this coz i read both the magazines, digit gives pathetic articles about the same topics month after month just recycling them a little, it was the biggest mistake subscribing to digit, only certain issues are worth reading and rest are worth oly as scrap, even the dvd contents are throughly dissappionting, just giving some pathetically lame softwares mont after month, they cant even give some decent games demos, if there is an exciting game demo out there they will conveniently avoid it and give some lame ass demo.


Chip does have a better presentation, they make all things look good but digit too tries that well enough I feel, but havent got anywhere yet. I'd appreciate the Fast Track more only if it were in colour.

The paper quality is what pisses me off at first look, I dont mind whatever you put on your colour pages but it should atleast feel readble!


TechGuru#1 said:
Get inside *www.chip-india.com/

CHIP forum sucks big time!! Its a very watered down version of phpBB!! No PM, no smilies, no post editing, cookies don't work, colour scheme sucks, layout is confusing, icons are pathetic, pop-up ads, etc.

As for mags, I have lost my fondness a bit for Digit after its makeover and new sections. I have read CHIP a couple of times and liked it somewhat.

But FastTrack rocks! Thats what gives it the real edge among tech mags. However, I genuinely feel that there is quite a bit of scope for improvement in Fast Track contents and presentation.

As for CD/DVD CHIP contents suck! Nothing worthwhile usually. I usually get my softwares from Digit CD/DVD. But there are many repetitions even in Digit CD/DVD contents.


Digit is definitely better than Chip for Windows Users.
But it is NOT the best magazine in the market.


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Both mags are equally good.
I like both of them.
coz 1 month Digit's mag content is very good but DVD/CD content is bad.The same month Chip's mag content is bad & the DVD/CD content is good & viceversa.
& some months both mag & CDs are good in both the mags...
so ultimately it's me who is benifited by both the mags...


So equalised.


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DIGIT for DVD,CD contents
PCWORLD for DVD,CD contents too, +price
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