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Digit - July 2011 - Only One DVD?


In the zone
I checked and found that there is only one DVD with the July issue. There are two fast tracks but that is not going to be the case each month. If yes, then good if not then its not worth Rs.150/-


So whats your decision?

I am on subscription so even if i rant i will get only one. They can send an extra blank DVD instead :-D


The Power of x480
Staff member
Now this is a sheer case of preference of Quantity over Quality!!
For subscribers, let digit give a chance. Maybe this time, they have compensated the loss of one DVD for something more useful!
For retail buyers, same thing, plus, its your own decision to buy or not, after watching the contents!!!!


You guys buy digit for the DVD? I haven't touched any of the DVDs since the past 3 years.


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Same here too. I tend to try DVDs every few months if I see anything interesting on the cover, otherwise I don't even touch it.


The Power of x480
Staff member
^^ Technology changes fast. And reading something about it months after doesn't make sense, now does it?
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