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  1. Raaabo

    The Big Bang Theory, in all seriousness!

    Given the past behaviour of some members, I figured might as well start this thread in Fight Club... In case you haven't already read about it: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2014/03/bicep-physics-shakeup/ Stephen Hawking claims victory in Big Bang bet - Telegraph...
  2. H

    Pls suggest mobile bet 10K-15K

    Please help me in choosing the right mobile upto 15 K ....!!!!
  3. TheMost

    Difference Bet LCD/LED

    Ya ,,, I know the expansionary deference between both ,,, Technically what is the difference between them ??? Why is X better ??? Quality Wise which one is better ??
  4. P

    720p vs 1080p

    what happens when we play a 720p video on a lappi with 1080p resolution laptop? What is visible diff bet lappies with 720p n 1080p disply?
  5. Vyom

    Sitting is Killing You: Infographic

    You might want to stand up for this! Source: Sitting is Killing You I bet you are still sitting! :(
  6. dheeruymv1212

    Suggest a mobile bet 10k -12k

    Hi All, Could you ppl suggest a best mobile bet 10k -12k? As i dont hav gr8 idea in mobiles. Thanks in advance
  7. J

    palit HD4850?safe bet or not?

    am opting for palit HD 4850 512 GDDR3??? do u suggest it as a safe bet or do u have ny better options???
  8. esumitkumar

    Casino games for ubuntu linux required

    Well I just had a visit to Atlantic city casinos and they were awesome .....:p There were mostly machines like u put 10 $ in and there will be bets like 25 cents each...Machine has five different pictures on the screen ...There are various lines and bets can be twiced or thriced ..like u can...
  9. kalpik

    The bet is on! Ubuntu vs. Microsoft.

    This guy has a bet with a friend. This is the deal: He has to use Ubuntu for 30 days. IF there is anything he can’t do on Ubuntu (except for games which his friend reluctantly conceded is Microsoft turf) that he can do on Vista, then he gets a brand new laptop courtesy of his buddy. IF on the...
  10. blackpearl

    Money, money and money!!

    A raid at a Mexican drug dealer's house unearthed $207 million!! I bet you haven't seen so much money at one place before!! More pics here: http://www.snopes.com/photos/crime/drugmoney.asp
  11. B

    What is firmware ?

    What is firmware ? How does it helps in improving the performance of a device? Is it driver for optical drives/HDD ? If not , then what is difference bet. driver & firmware ? How to update firmware ?
  12. N

    i need a mobile..urgently

    guys i need to buy a mobile...my budget is arnd 6-7k the mibile shud hav mp3+camera... so pls suggest the best bet for me..\ thanx in adavnce
  13. R

    Linux... An inspiration to Windows

    Hi everybody, There are many instances where we have seen Windows has copied or borrowed :lol: features of Unix / Linux. If u have seen any similarities( which I bet u already did), however simple it may be, this is the place to share...
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