1. A

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime or Sony Xperia SP

    Which phone is better b/w them?Both are available in same price.
  2. H

    need suggestion b/w kaspersky antivirus 2013 or kaspersky internet security 2014

    i am using kaspersky antivirus 2013 and only 7 days are left in it......so i wanted to buy a new one ..i am confused b/w kaspersky antivirus 2013 or kaspersky internet security 2014.... also i wanna know that do kaspersky internet security 2014 uses more ram than kaspersky antivirus 2013 ...or...
  3. D

    Difference b/w these mobos

    Can u tell me the differnece b/w H81 and B85 motherboards...i know B85 is better but is it worth the extra 3k....with reference to Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 and Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H ....
  4. tech0freak0

    how to Set up file Sharing wirelessly???

    I have tp-link router, connected to pc (window xp) via Ethernet cable. And a laptop(window 8) connected wirelessly over wifi. I want to share files b/w laptop and pc over wifi...?:razz: So, help guys:wink:
  5. T

    Black & White printer cum scanner... want it cheap!

    Hi, I've been using an HP colour printer+scanner for over 5 years now. But recently it gave up & the repair guys quoted a price of 1.2k for complete repair. Checked it at another shop and that fellow too quoted a price of 1.3k. Hence its practically useless to repair it. I dont need a...
  6. Knight2A4

    Airtel Boardband Connection been interrupted Again & Again.

    Hello Guy's I have a 512 kbs broadband plan from airtel. but am facing a very serious issue related to the connection. The broadband connection get interrupted again & again. I have call airtel many many time but they only send lineman who checks the line & tell's that the connection is...
  7. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    cost efficient printer

    guys i need a printer that saves money you see i need to print 5000 above pages every month therefore looking for something that's saves money budget 50k in b/w and color don't need a scanner or anything extra just a printer
  8. S

    Dell17R turbo or Sony Vaio SVS15125CNB

    I'm basically gonna play games, watch films and some editing work. I'm getting confused b/w these two. Help me out and it's urgent :-?
  9. A

    i5 3210m vs i7 3612qm...i7 how much better

    Compare Intel® Products ^^ above is the link to the comparison to the two processor in question...just want to know how much better is the i7 over the i5...in the fiels of programming,multi-tasking,gaming,speed, performance...etc. Also what the difference between BGA and rPGA...the i5 and i7...
  10. rahul.007

    load temps of my msi r6770

    my load temps for gpu while playing cod black ops with 2x aa at 1440*900 are around 60'C and idle temps are b/w 38'C-40'C.. are these ok? *lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_336EKSWNUU/T3VLnkf36fI/AAAAAAAAAB8/-KcitG_7j2w/s720/Capture.PNG
  11. J

    Suggest a laptop b/w 35k-40k

    Suggest me a laptop in the range b/w 35k-40k .I work with photoshop cs5.1,dreamweaver cs 5.5 and i require graphic card enable.........:?:
  12. S

    Help needed in configuring 2 computers

    Hi I am having problem in configuring my 2 PCs. I have a desktop with Windows XP prof and a laptop with Windows 7 HP. The desktop PC is connect to the internet through a modem which is further connected to a router. I connect my laptop to the internet through the router ( D link DIR-600 )...
  13. rahulbalmuri

    Confused in b/w MSI GTX560Ti Twin Frozr II/OC & MSI N550GTX-Ti Sonic II OC

    MSI GTX560Ti Twin Frozr II/OC is priced at 14500... and MSI N550GTX-Ti Sonic II OC is priced in b/w 8500-9200... these two cards doesn;t seem to have much of a difference b.w theie specs.... then y shouldn't i go for MSI N550GTX-Ti Sonic II OC and save a few bucks...
  14. F

    Which of them is a good printer?

    Hello, I'm planning to buy a printer in the range of 3k to 4k. Please help me choose which of these are good... Canon PIXMA MP287 HP Deskjet 1050 or any other good ones in that range. Also is there any major diff b/w HP 1050 and F4488... Thank you..
  15. ajooba215

    How to switch b/w windows 7 and xp?

    hey guys...i had been using windows xp for long and couple of days ago...i installed windows 7 just for a test in the same partition in which windows xp was previously installed...now m confused how to can get the boot loader option at the starting to choose b/w windows 7 and xp. I did not...
  16. G

    best netbook b/w 15 to 20 ?

    pls suggest
  17. kool

    BSNL 500C Auto+Download b/w 2-8 AM

    Hey guys, I'm so excited coz 1st time in my home i'm going 2 get Broadband, before this i was using AIRTEL GPRS from last 5 year. My BB plan is 500 Combo @Rs.500 in which 2-8am unlimited, 175 calls free + and landline rent free of Rs.180 [:)] Guys, now tell me how my PC can auto download...
  18. MCDC

    Is there any difference b/w B.E and B.Tech??

    i jus wanna know wots the difference b/w B.E and B.Tech ....if theres any,then which one is better???
  19. M

    gfx card help

    My specs are: D101GGC Intel origial motherboard 1.5 GB RAM Pentium D 2.6GHz Pls. suggest a gfx card b/w 5-7k that can play GTA 4,Crysis 2 etc.
  20. R

    Network monitor

    i have a personal lan with many users connected through a router.is there any way i can find out how much b/w is being consumed by each of the active users
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