1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    which one b/w hp 2050 v/s canon mp287 v/s epson tx121

    I have sorted three Low end MFD Hp 2050 , canon Mp287 and Epson TX121 , Iam confused between the three since there is not much difference but which is more reliable and economical in long run ..and in which I can use the CISS kit later ??? Advice would be surely very much helpful
  2. dfcols71

    mid tower cases coolmaster storm scout v/s nzxt phantom 410v/s nzxt elite 410

    mid tower cases coolmaster storm scout v/s nzxt phantom 410v/s nzxt tempest elite 410 which one to get
  3. Techniboy

    Antec V/S Cooler Master V/S NZXT

    Hi, I am going to purchase a pc in the 1st week of jan 2012. Please suggest me a cabinet. It should support standard ATX, bottom mounted PSU and lots of places to add fans. Budget = 2.5k I live in New Delhi. Are there any Antec Products in Nehru Place.? Please help Choose one...
  4. D

    Extremely confused on buying monitor

    I want to buy a monitor (yeah.. Full HD) of 22-24 inches size. Usage - Reading PDFs and development: HENCE, text should be very smooth and eye strain should be none - Watching movies: SHOULD give good display from different vieweing angle so that I can grap popcorn and watch from bed - In...
  5. rahulbalmuri

    Diff. B/W Core i3 & Core 2 Quad & C2D

    guys i wud like to know d diff b/w core i3 v/s c2q v/s c2d.... which is the best for gaming/Business/Entertainment....etc., i mean which is best one.....for all round performance....!
  6. trigger

    Baba Ramdev v/s Google Chrome !!

  7. IT Idiot

    Win v/s Lin v/s Mac

    This is a poll to see the major OS used by members here.
  8. R

    toshiba v/s dell v/s hp

    which1 wud u prefer for build quality, service support, and reliability ? i am a bit confused on these brands.
  9. ssdivisiongermany1933

    narendra modi v/s congress

    Gujarat elections on head now ... Its not BJP v/s congress ..but its narendra modi v/s congress .. the current elections in gujarat will decide the fate of both congress and bjp ..and Modi is getting popular day by day , guess who is gonna win .. Kaun banega sardar kiski banegi sarkar
  10. xbonez

    iPhone v/s Nokia E-70

    Guys, check out this amazing shootout - Apple iPhone v/s the Nokia E-70. *www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone Link found and given to me by maverick340 PS - arya and goobi, pls don't murder me :p
  11. G

    Viewsonic V/s Samsung

    I just wanted to know which is a better Value - for - money monitor in the 17" TFT range . Please rate it & also give the name . If your using either please say so. Thank you. Edited : P.s I feel I've posted this in the wrong section, if so, can the mods please relocate it to the right place.
  12. B

    Flat V/S LCD

    I am trying to purchasing a new Monitor but i am totally confused a LG flat Monitor is best or LCD is best for 17" inch.
  13. Manshahia

    3250 V/s 6270

    Which one is better, in terms of music, camera, features etc...
  14. B

    Perfect Disk V/S Diskeeper

    Please give vote for the two Best Softwares in the World. Either it is Perfect Disk or Diskeeper. :D
  15. D

    K9NGM2 v/s K9NGM

    Dear friends, I wanted to buy any one of the above motherboards but i am bit stuck here please tell me whether K9NGM mobo has video out so that i can connect to TV and tell me whether it has firewire port and for 1 mb/s broadband connection does it have the hardware please friends
  16. amit2005

    Orkut V/s Gazzag

    Hey which one is best or both or are bandwidth wastage...I'll go with last one
  17. K

    D600 v/s 6270 & 3250 v/s W800i

    I've come across these two pairs of cell phones with similar features and price tags. Its really tough to choose one without doing injustice to the other. Still which one would you pick out of each pair???
  18. T

    can i play ps2 games online?

    hey ppl, i really want to play smackdown v/s raw 2006 online.is it possible?
  19. N

    FireFox v/s Opera 8 v/s Internet Explorer 7

    FireFox, Opera 8 (Without Banner) Or Internet Explorer 7 Please tell me that which one of the above is the BEST according to you & also please rate them (out of 10) according to :- 1.) Features 2.) Security 3.) Customization 4.) Speed Thank You !!
  20. S

    CGI v/s PHP

    Hi! I recently signed on to a webspace provider who offers both PHP and CGI ? I wish to know which of them is better for a site and how can they be mastered? Are there any courses on the net, any pages? Plz post the links here.. After telling which of the both is better..
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