Dialup Internet Problem

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I have 56k internal d-link modem.

I connected using netone as username and password to 172222. It gets connected but i cant do anything. No page loads or anying on every browser i tried. it connected at 31.2 kbps speed

Please help as modem working fine as i can call from it and also internet gets connected but i cant open any website or do anything with internet

Is it common with dialup or any probs there


ages since i v used dial up :|
try connecting yahoo messenger or gtalk n see if it connects
goto start >> all programs >> accessories >> command prompt and type "ping www.google.com" without quotes and n see if you get a reply
try going to the same command prompt type "ping" and see if you get a reply.


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Have you used this connection and account before or is this the first time ?

It sometimes happens that you can connect to your local BSNL server, but their connection to the internet gateway is down. Try again at another time and see if it works.
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