1. GhorMaanas

    Compact digicam within 8k

    Compact digicam within 10k Hello! a friend of mine needs to buy a P&S digicam for under 8k. i would've preferred to suggest one from lumix series, but can't find one within that range. what am seeing (on flipkart) are: nikon s2800, s3600, s3700, l30 sony w800, w810, w830 canon ixus 155...
  2. S

    Need suggestion to buy a Camera under 12K

    I am planning to buy a camera before this puja can max. stretch my budget to 15k It should have HD Video recording and good picture quality which one should i prefer digicam or a handycam Please give me some suggestion and it should be the best at its price
  3. A

    Please suggest digicam under 6000?

    Hi guys. I am lookin to buy a digicam under 6K & my only requirement is good picture clarity even in under light conditions.
  4. Desmond

    Need Digicam for friend (Budget 12k max)

    Hi, My friend wants to buy a Digicam within a maximum budget of 12k. She'll be using it mainly for casual use, so main features should be portable and ergonomic and decent picture quality and battery life. Suggestions please.
  5. D

    help needed in deciding my first digicam...ASAP

    Hello friends,this is my first post here.have heard many good things about this forum.so i hope you peolple help me in deciding my first ever digicam. I have a budget of 17,000.my requirements are good overall image quality,simple controls,good low-light performance and 1080HD video.I want a...
  6. D

    Entry Level Camera or Nokia N8: what should i buy.

    I want a Camera which has 5x Optical Zoom and 10 MP Sensor. My Budget is Rs.5000 I have considered Nikon L23 because it has 5x zoom at unbeatable price. But picture quality is a concern so I am thinking Nokia N8 which will give me both service as a phone and digicam. What is the better option...
  7. S


    Please suggest some digicam with good specification.my budget is max rs. 7000.
  8. RaptorX

    Digicam Recommendations (less than 12k)

    Hi, I'll be taking my vacation in September and will be traveling to multiple places. I currently don't own a digicam. Not sure about the best models in the market. This camera will be my goto party and travel camera. Everything from family photos to outdoor landscape pictures will be...
  9. T

    Need a DIGICAM under 6K

    I want to buy a digicam basically for family clicks and party pics ! Can some suggest me a good buy at this time ! I need a good camera with good picture quality(i mean the clarity and resolution) The video recording should be good one ! I'm not that uch into photgraphy but sometime i loves...
  10. V

    DiGiCam which to choose ?????

    Hi, I have search on digicam reviews and all but still confused because it's my first buy.so i still have confusion between some models NIKON Coolpix s2500 Canon Powershot a3100 and sony all under 7k i need image stabilization good and good video recording
  11. axes2t2

    Suggest a digicam - Budget 7000/-

    I have zero knowledge about digicams.This one is going to be my first. So need your suggestion.
  12. D

    Problem with Monitor

    My monitor is widescreen TFT LCD. It displays all the pictures from my digicam squeezed vertically. Can anybody help?
  13. giprabu

    Can a video captured in a digicam be upscaled ??

    My query is specific about digicam because i'm pretty much convinced that an already downscaled video clip cant be upscaled by any means..
  14. M

    Using DigiCam as WebCam?

    Can I use my Sony DSC W50 DigiCam as WebCam for chatting purposes? If so, how? Please help....
  15. C

    ASAP- Need a digicam

    Hii friends, My father is gifting me a digicam on my b'day. His budget is around 13k +-2k. I want a good cam.Megapixels dont matter even 8 will be good for me. I prefer (DSLR type) high optical zoom, good video recording. We usually go to hill stations,beaches and natural parks (requires...
  16. ashish1224

    Need a Printer and Digicam for home use

    Printer does not have to be color, though it can be a bonus if it fits my price. What are the reviews for xerox low end laser printers? For the printer i have set aside 3K and for the digicam some 6-7K.
  17. pulkit_aga

    need a digicam for 10k

    hi,i want to buy a compact,slim digicam for around 10k +-1k. i have no idea how to buy a digicam and what all features to look for in it so please help. use is just general purpose. will prefer major brands like canon,nikon,sony,fujifilm etc. thankyou. searched the net and these are few models...
  18. A

    Best Digicam for 15k

    Hi, I wanna buy a digicam for my lil sister and my budget is around 15k. I tried searching for options on the net but got really confused. So far I've sort of shortlisted Nikon S640 and Sony Cybershot T90. My requirements are: Atleast 12 MP, 4X optical zoom, good photo quality...
  19. phuchungbhutia

    Pl Suggest Digicam arnd 10k

    I have 10k to spend after buying nokia 5130 for 5.4k . . Basically i need digicam with good zoom, its important . . And good battery . . Wide angle would be great . . Canon, fugi, panasonic, pl . .
  20. bravo007

    Best digicam in 10K ???????

    Hello friends im looking for a digicam in the price range of 8k to 10k. Plz suggest best digicams available in this price range. :-o
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